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Flyguy Released Contextual Single “She Loves Me Not”

FlyGuy released his single She Loves Me Not” with an exclusive trap beat and flavorful flow that will have you coming back for more and asking yourself, “Does she actually love me?”. The detailed beat sticks true to the current wave of R&B music which is the urban trap beats smoothed down into a more suave and feminine manner for singers to deliver more hard-hitting R&B music such as this one. I’m a big fan of the vocalists voice. Although you can discover slight autotune, he has this rough around the edges resonance to him which gives it a little bit more edge when he sings. It’s like complementing grain material with a smooth and flowing texture. It’s an odd combination, however fused together the correct way the result can be unpredictable, yet satisfying. What I grasped from listening to this single is that FlyGuy knows how to cater to people personal taste due to how fitting this song is for them late night vibes. It’s like FlyGuy knows the sound that generates buzz and reels a crowd in and I don’t believe this was intentionally done! FlyGuy seems to have this natural uncut talent and appealing charisma that can draw people in like a magnetic object. “She Loves Me Not” has unique bars in which I can see people nowadays repeating the fun yet sensual lyricism for their captions on social media!

Take a listen to “She Loves Me Not” and let us know your favorite line!

Catch FlyGuy's exclusive interview below covering the creation process of "She Loves Me Not".


FlyGuy with a fly stage name! Where did you get the inspiration behind your artist name?

Growing up HOOk was my favorite movie, the story of peter pan (Robin Williams) HooK (Dustin Haufman) and Rufio (Dante Basco) the current pan!, Rufio was beast, he wore red and black with this dope golden sword but he couldn't fly like the true peter pan. Those colors stuck with me, growing I was always a pretty fashionably fly kid so the FlyGuy was another nick name. Stick them together FlyGuy Rufio.

What vibe do you receive from listening to your own single “She Loves Me Not” ?

You get a darker deeper vibe in my opinion, the elephant in the room behind most relationships esp for men who are dealing with women that have a main guy. The bitter sweet emotion of how we truly feel with being a side guy.

Do you write your own music? If so, what’s your songwriting process?

 I do write my own music! Which I take alot of pride in, I have to be sober minded. I dont really engae in most substance anyway. I let the beat take over me, I like to record as I write now referencing is dope too. 

What advice would you have for other indie artists? 

Stay down with your creativity we all have our days were we feel like we're not good enough. Study study study your inspiration! Have a passion for the business even more then the art. Knowing the business is EVERYTHING for an artist who wants to last. Read "All you need to know a bout the Music Business". by Donald S. Passman its a very insightful read.

Where do you hope to see your career by the end of this year?

I don't hope! My goal im working to acheive is to be a verified artist, with 5 or more write ups from top tier publications, a top 100 single, over 100k organic followers, 3 song placements, with a brand worth more then 5 million dollars. I will achieve my goal! 


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