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Joey Capo Is Back With His Fourth Single Of The Year “Airplane Mode”

Joey Capo is a gifted singer/songwriter that originates from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania but has an Italian-Vietnamese background. In 2018 he decided to move to LA, California, with hopes to make it in the music industry. He is an independent artist and also is a self-taught producer. Joey Capo delivers raw pop and R&B tracks with a twist. His style is slightly somber, chill and mellow. With every track that he releases, he continues to gain more and more attention from fans and other artists. His brand new track “Airplane Mode” (produced by 5oh8) is out now and available on all major streaming platforms!

Joey Capo has released four singles this year already, he began the year strong with the release of “Malibu Bliss”. This was soon followed up “Nightcap”, and in mid-July, we saw the release of “Count On Me” that showed yet another versatile side of the up and coming artist. As an introduction to the artist, “Airplane Mode” works its magic in an instant. The songwriting and the style shine well, the finish is professional, the structure keeps you interested with various changes from one moment to the next. In addition, though, Joey’s voice has something brilliantly genuine about it. There is a tone and style to the delivery that immediately feels fresh, and honest. Even the back and forth between the clean vocal and the distant echo adds something subtle yet effective to the mix. The end result of all of this is a song that fits well amidst today’s musical landscape, but also refuses to fully stick to the unspoken rules of what creates a hit. That touch of originality should hopefully take Joey Capo further and further with each new release.

Listen to “Airplane Mode” ft. 5oh8 on Spotify and read more with Joey Capo below! 


Hey Joey Capo, welcome back! We're completely captivated by your new single “Airplane Mode”, you have such a strong and warming presence throughout your tracks. Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent release?

The song “Airplane Mode” talks about disconnecting from the everyday things that pull us away from our natural selves. Tuning out the world in order to bask in these moments of solitude to reconnect with our true happiness. Yet, my main intentions for this record is for the listener to grasp these moments we have alone like a chance to recharge and be more in tuned with what makes you motivated to achieve your own personal greatness, without having any outside distractions steering you away from what is right for you and only you. 

You've had such a strong love and passion for music at such a young age! How do you think you and your music have grown since you first started writing, versus now?

Through the experiences that life has given me, allowed me to definitely write on a deeper level. But like anything else we want to work for or achieve comes a great deal of practice. Learning to take the time to work on my craft and be able to put down my feelings in lyrics without worrying about what people want to listen to, but more so what they need to hear from me. By being as real as I can possibly be. I wanted the music I create to represent me completely. It’s a mindset that I had to shape, that helped me become the artist I am today. 

As well as releasing 4 singles in 2019, you also put out a music video for “Nightcap”! Can you tell us about the concept behind the video? What can your fans expect from the upcoming video for “Airplane Mode”? 

The nightcap video explained about trusting your heart and not questioning what feels right. Going off of your first instincts to what makes you happy. I explained it in a love song because I feel that is something we all throw walls up for. Because being able to trust not only other people but especially our own judgments we make on a daily basis. 

The “Airplane Mode” music video that the producers 5oh8 and I created is taking things to another level to get the message across. We wanted to keep the simplicity but at the same time still wanted to really paint the picture of this moment of solitude. Letting go of what fears that hold us back from who we were born to be. 

How has moving to Los Angeles ultimately shaped who you are as an artist? Do you notice the increased difference in opportunity as an artist?

Moving to LA was one of the scariest moments but at the same time one of the greatest choices I ever made. Everyone in LA all trying to chase their biggest dreams. Yet, to many, it can be intimidating. Although growing up I was always inspired more under pressure. It’s something like a fight or flight feeling you get being here. So yes, I do believe it shaped me to be more focused on the tasks at hand, taking each day as another piece to Lifes mosaic. Till the day comes where you can sit back and see how every achievement to even every mistake created your dreams into the master piece you have envisioned. 

LA is filled with many opportunities in the arts. Like meeting 5oh8 started off as a great opportunity for me to finally work with like-minded people. Because since nightcap was made we created more of a brotherhood. Which, if it wasn’t for moving to LA I might have never had the honor to work with them. 

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this album release? Any shows in the near future?!

After this release, not a lot is changing. I still have a lot of music I am going to be releasing. Actually, my team and I will be releasing 20 songs for the year 2020. We are also working on doing the tour during that time. But I’ll leave the suspense of that to build up more for everyone. But I also really appreciate you all at BUZZMUSIC for the endless support and being apart of not only my new song “Airplane Mode”, but also being apart of this journey! 

(Trailer) Airplane Mode (2019)

Check out "Airplane Mode" here on Spotify.


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