FMB Dudda ShowCases Prolific Rhymes In “Broken Perception”

Lorenzo Battle is an up and coming artist from Savannah, Georgia. The 20 year old rapper and lyricist is better known by his professional name FMB Dudda. With an ever growing passion for music, FMB Dudda has been rapping since he was 17. His music speaks from the heart and acts as an outlet for his trials and tribulations. His ultimate goal is to make it out of his city, make a name for himself and provide for his family.


FMB Dudda’s latest release “Broken Perception” is an introspective summer banger dripping in confidence. FMB Dudda has the talent and ear for savory beats to excel in this game. The single “Broken Perception”  that reeks of self confidence, is about FMB Dudda’s success and his life at the top and he sped by the same-old mainstream sound on his way up. His energy truly shines in this emotive track that lets us explore his contagious attitude. FMB Dudda creates a dope track, his vibe and chemistry with music comes through the speakers as flawlessly and effortlessly as his melodic, addicting bars. Stay on the lookout for what Joyland Byrd delivers next!

Check out “Broken Perception” here and keep scrolling for more with FMB Dudda.

Hey FMB Dudda! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?

I'm from Savannah Ga I'm 20 years old I'm humble and mostly keep to myself. I'm all about business. All I really like is sports and music.

Love this track “Broken Perception”. Can you explain the writing process and any challenges you faced along the way?

When I wrote the song I was going through some female troubles so I decided to make a song to tell the pain I was feelin. It took me some time to get the right flow to the beat but I got the right sound now.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I would like a feature with Kodak Black and Dj Khalid for sure. I want a producer like DJ Swift or Metro Boomin to produce a project with.

What do you think sets you apart from other hip-hop artists?

I feel like my sound is unique because of the meaning of my songs. I speak on pain and the struggle of life. I got that broken Hearted music.

When can we expect next from you?

I got two music videos on the way real soon and I got my first official mixtape called Broken Hearted on the way in 2020.

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