Follow Along With LHO's Ex-Lover-Inspired Anthem, "Hun"

LHO is a singer/songwriter who brings a refreshing, contemporary style to the already modern pop era. Her artistry came to fruition during quarantine, as she began dabbling in the country genre.

Nevertheless, LHO craved to write about narratives that could aid in her personal growth and healing, thus switching over to dominating the pop genre. As she releases new music, listeners get to understand LHO in a different, more intimate light.

The latest project release from LHO includes "Hun," which offers an intriguing and affecting performance on vocalist Leighann Hodgkins' end. Produced by Josh Schuback, "Hun" offers a production that elevates the vocal tone of LHO. He infuses quality and impactful-sounding instrumentals to shape the narrative that LHO is delivering.

Diving more into her vocal sound, LHO appeals to her audience by adding honest and soft elements to her voice. Her fruitful and charisma-filled tone compels listeners to her narrative, which is definitely one to follow along if you're interested in some drama-filled ex-lover content. The band's appearance elevates every aspect of "Hun," as they infuse quality and impactful-sounding instrumentals to shape the narrative LHO is delivering.

The story being portrayed is LHO's perspective on her ex-lover, as well as her ex-lover's current partner. Themes of betrayal, jealousy, and introspection come into play, and needless to say, "Hun" is an LHO anthem for speaking her hones truth. If her next song is anything like "Hun," we'll definitely be in for the listening ride, as LHO crafts a stimulating experience for her listeners.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic LHO. How does it feel to finally release your story in "Hun?" Were there any moments during the writing or recording stage that you felt discouraged?

Finally releasing "Hun" is very cathartic. I'm not someone who could ever be mean to someone, but I do have a lot of pent-up feelings from years of people walking all over me or taking advantage of me. I don't believe in treating people poorly, but I do believe in karma and justice. I have a lot of unsung justice needing to be carried out so I started with this particular moment. It was my way of "getting back at the bully" without acting outside of my character.

What type of advice, if any, would you give someone who went through a similar situation to that presented within "Hun?" My advice to anyone who has ever been through a similar situation is just to stay true to yourself. Don't get even, get better. Always treat people how you want to be treated because the universe is just a pool of reflected energy and vibrations. Whatever you give out, you get back. Know that people who pick on you or are cruel to you have a lot of things they hate about themselves. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Are there any dynamics you incorporated into "Hun" that felt different from your typical sound?

"Hun" is the first song I've put out focused around a guitar sound. I wrote the first verse and melody first. When I heard that guitar everything fit together in a way that told the story I was looking to write. It carried the energy I was looking for. There's also a lot of different production on this track than any of my other ones. The laugh you hear in the background actually happened accidentally. A girl was walking by the door to the recording booth and I hadn't shut it all the way. She laughed as she walked by and the mic picked it up. It fit perfectly into the song so we kept it as a texture element and as a story element.

Where did the inspiration draw from in order to create such a narrative that was portrayed in "Hun?"

"Hun" is written about a house party I went to. I ran into the girl my ex was seeing and we obviously felt very differently about being in each other's vicinity. I've never been one to be mean to people, especially other women. I always found it so strange that some women are quicker to be cold than to be kind. Long story short, she did several things that night to try and make me feel small. Obviously, it didn't work. She really did end up getting super trashed, stumbling all over the place, and sobbing on the staircase. I decided to write a song about it a few months later.

What's next for you?

What's next for me? More music, a few surprises, and maybe becoming the next Opening Act! I'm in the running to possibly open for a show at the Hollywood Bowl. Keep an eye out for any updates and new music over on my socials!