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Follow Deep Reels You into 2020!

Follow Deep are a 3 piece alternative rock and indie band hailing from the hull. Complete with killer riffs and sexy saxophone, they aim to take over the world’s music scene with their thunderous, chaotic quality and complete madness. Follow Deep is undeniably on their way to the top with trailblazing and explosive releases that are bound to take them into new heights of their career. Follow Deep released various singles including “Give It Away”, “Suffocating”, “Better” and more. Follow Deep is the most intricate band we have seen yet. Their detailed music and attention-grabbing performances reel us into their world of alternative rock.

Follow Deep takes you on a unique journey with your music. I personally always preferred Hip-Hop over any genre until I listened to “Alive” by Follow Deep. this song just completely transformed me into the biggest fan of Follow Deep and opened my mind to explore the genre of alternative rock even more. The melodies, the instrumentation, the arrangement, and the emotion conveyed through the lyrics just had me so in awe. I replayed “Alive” over and over and I was just soo intrigued by Follow Deep and their sound. I found myself singing along to the hook. One of my favorite moments in “Alive” was how the chorus was delivered with an electric vocal dynamic in a specific pitch while the adlibs that repeated “I never felt this way before” echoed in a melody slightly different, adding a real catchy tune to the record. Follow Deep is a promising band that’s bound to create a trailblazing career for themselves.

Listen to Follow Deep here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Follow Deep! What’s the story behind the formation of your band? We all met at a music academy in our home base "Hull" in East Yorkshire. We auditioned multiple drummers and settled with Jed after departing with our previous drummer; this is when follow deep truly began to pave their way in the music industry. Our sound began to evolve as our line-up decreased - unfortunately both guitarists at this point departed - and we were left as a three-piece. We adapted to this quickly and began the writing process again to become the Follow Deep we are today.

What are some pre-performance traditions you guys have that you don’t mind sharing? We insult each other more than we should after one of us does something stupid or just absolutely ridiculous! Inside jokes always seem to surface in front of people we don't know (they probably think we're all crazy!).

Talk to us about your music! We loved your single “Alive” here at buzz. What was the meaning and theme behind this record? We have a saying over here called "hanky panky" - it basically means sex - which relates to the music video we released in October that includes monster speed dates that go horribly wrong.

How would you describe the approach you took towards your single “Give It Away”? Considering it was the first record you released this year, how did it prepare you for the rest of your releases? “Give It Away” wasn't really a planned single at the time as “Give It Away”, “Suffocating” and “Better” were all recorded in the same week. At that point, we had no idea what we were going to use them for and after some thinking, we decided to release them as singles. After this, we decided we were going to record more tracks to build up material for an album which you can hear now! Talk to us about this album! What can we expect from “Will You Still Love Me…”? Tasty beats, sexy sax, killer guitar solos, and heart-stopping vocals! “Will You Still Love Me…” took time to build. Luke had already written a few tracks which we knew were going on the album, which includes "Lifeline", "Sweet Innocence", "The Same", "Alive" and "Start A War". Coming later on just before we hit the studio, we jammed something which soon became "Hearts In Hands". Jed had also been recording little bits of songs on his phone for a while, so we decided to check through to see what we liked in his mass of recordings. We glued a few together and pretty much created the rest of the album on this basis, making songs such as "Press Rewind" and "Paradise".

What are you looking forward to in 2020 Follow Deep? Big things to come in 2020 - we've just signed with Spitfire Management who plan on beating us into shape to help us make it big in upcoming years. Also... UK ALBUM TOUR STARTS IN JANUARY!


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