For fans of Post-Hardcore/Rock, check out “Careless” by Hibernator

Hibernator is a post-hardcore/rock band hailing from Montana. After garnering some success through their self-titled EP, Hibernator went to work with producer Stephan Hawkes to revamped their sound the gain success outside the state of Montana. With the release of their second EP, Hibernator is fast becoming one of the most interesting and engaging rock bands to emerge during this re-igniting of the genre. Nothing speaks more in favor of that than this latest EP release “Empty”.

We had the pleasure of checking out “Careless”, off the EP “Empty” produced by Stephan Hawkes. Rich with sludgy guitars and pounding drums, the music of “Careless” sounds fantastic. It ebbs and flows, and easily has one of the best breakdowns of 2019. “Careless” brings hard rock and metal vibe, and story-telling intertwined in a memorable fashion. “Careless” feels like a fresh approach to the genre and another chance to connect with the band behind the music.

“Careless” is likely to leave the story and ideas lingering in your mind long after listening. This is categorically a song to be experienced at volume. The realness that emerges with each conversation and recording on the project seems insanely authentic. Absolutely worth listening! We can’t wait to catch a live show in the future!

Listen to “Careless” here and read more with the band in our interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hibernator! It’s such a pleasure to feature your music! How would describe the music scene in your hometown for your specific genre?

Thank you, we’re very excited to be interviewed and have this spotlight! I think I would have to say our music scene in Montana is very spread out across the state, but extremely consistent. The people that come to the shows in every city seem to be excited to see you. As we technically all live in a different area of this large state, we like to say our “hometown” is really the Butte/Helena area. 

We loved checking out “Careless”! What can you tell us about the creative process and inspiration of this particular track?

I think originally when we started working on that song, I wanted it to be set around “feeling used” it’s very common for people to feel used, or even use it as an excuse to feel bad for yourself. When writing the lyrics Anthony, Zach, and I really sat down and tried to tie it all together well. As well as make it work with the melodies we were planning to use.

Hibernator is a band that definitely stays away from the norms of mainstream music in its lyrics! What overall concept does “Empty” hold? What do you hope your listeners take away from it? 

I think I spent the majority of the writing process wanting to focus on very general “mental health” issues within relationships, society, and things I experienced myself through the band. Most of what we were writing about were things we have experienced or in some way tried to relate to. As it was the three of us trying to write the lyrics collectively, whether through metaphor, or a literal experience. 

We can imagine that your performances are incredibly energetic with the sound you have! Have you performed anywhere, and if so, how is the vibe in your crowd? 

Yes, the crowd seems very involved, so the vibe is pretty energetic. People tend to come up after the show stating the music was very catchy and entertaining. We recently did a west coast tour, and a lot of the shows had a similar energy. People were moving with us and seemed focused on what we’re doing on stage while also mirroring our movements.

Thank you so much for chatting with us! We’re looking forward to hearing more and hopefully catching a live show in the future! Do you have any events or shows you’d like to talk about? 

Right now just a slew of shows in our home state, but we’re hoping to hit the road again early next year. Hoping to travel more through the west coast and expand into the Midwest and eventually East coast.