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Forever May Fall Strike Back Against the Fake People Around Them on “Who You Are”

The Charlotte, North Carolina, outfit continues to captivate with visceral, emotion-filled releases.

Music can unite us all in its purest form through its ability to make us feel. It serves as a conduit through which emotion is conveyed, making us feel happy, sad, exhilarated, and whatever emotional rollercoaster a good musician wants us to feel.

In the same vein, Charlotte-based rock outfit Forever May Fall has quickly established itself from its peers with its uncanny ability to do just that; stir emotion in their listeners. With a slew of new music on the horizon, these upstarts have positioned themselves for a breakout year as their dynamic performances and vision continue to inspire.

Forever May Fall was founded in 2017, with the founding members being united by their love of metal and creating original music. They’ve cultivated a sound that impressively balances melodic harmonies with powerful, gruff vocals and wickedly heavy rock riffs.

Their electrifying presence and transparent, emotional lyricism has allowed them to build a loyal following, and with every release, they enchant more and more new listeners. Their latest release, “Who You Are,” sees them continue to uphold the stellar standard they set for themselves with beloved releases like “Aftermath” and “Undertow,” and it's the latest exciting stop on their exhilarating musical journey.

About “Who You Are,” Forever May Fall says that it “was written about finding out the true colors of people you thought were close to you.” In many ways, “Who You Are” mimics the perilous ups and downs of having and maintaining a relationship with those who are two-faced and toxic towards you, with melodic and soaring verses elevating the listener before thunderous rage swells forth in subsequent verses, dyeing everything red with anger.

It’s a powerful release that swells with emotion, but that’s part of what makes it so appealing; as with their other releases, “Who You Are” feels distinctly human, and the hurt and raw emotion conveyed in their performance feels extremely relatable.

Forever May Fall’s latest release, “Who You Are,” is a powerful and emotion-packed release that details the pain, anger, and solitude you feel when dealing with someone you thought you had a close relationship with, only to have them betray you. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Who You Are,” available now on all major streaming platforms.


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