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Forget My Silence Delivers “Fake Fate”

Hailing from Russia, the post-hardcore band Forget My Silence, founded by Ziad Baydoun and Roma Sadygov, has captivated fans with their unique sound since 2011.

The current lineup, which includes Baydoun, Sadygov, bassist Petr Starkov, and guitarist Ilya Solonnikov, has seen the release of their EP "Lifeline" and the album "Fall To Rise." Now, they are preparing to unleash their latest single, "Fake Fate," from their highly anticipated second LP, "The Division Agenda," which also features tracks like "Freedom Of Speech."

"Forget My Silence" is a hard-hitting, hardcore rock song that draws inspiration from Linkin Park, Korn, and Bring Me The Horizon. The band's powerful sound and passionate lyrics reflect their ability to merge different musical styles and create a compelling sonic landscape that resonates with fans across the globe.

With "Fake Fate," Forget My Silence delves into themes of inauthenticity and conformity in today's society. The song addresses the pressure to adhere to certain standards set by elite organizations and the resulting loss of individuality, culminating in a moment of defiance as the characters choose to break free from the imposed constraints and forge their own paths.

Musically, "Forget My Silence" features a potent blend of heavy guitar riffs, pulsating bass lines, and powerful vocals reminiscent of the aggressive energy found in Linkin Park's music. The song showcases the band's ability to harness raw emotion and deliver a captivating auditory experience that leaves listeners yearning for more.

As Forget My Silence continues to work on their second LP, "The Division Agenda," fans eagerly await the release of more dynamic tracks pushing post-hardcore music's boundaries. With their unyielding passion for creating thought-provoking and emotionally charged songs, there's no doubt that the band is poised for even greater success in the future.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Forget My Silence, congrats on your latest hitter with "Fake Fate” The band draws comparisons to bands like Linkin Park, Korn, and Bring Me The Horizon. How do you incorporate these influences into your music while maintaining your unique sound and identity? Thank you for having us! It is a pleasure! There is no fixed or stable strategy to do that. Everything heavily relies on many factors. It might be, for example, a melody or vocal line that we came up with and use chord progressions that these guys would use. Or maybe we came up with something that sounds very Nu or Alt, and we worked around it for it to sound like us. Why this genre in general? We think it is about time someone revived the early 2000s.

In "Fake Fate," you tackle the themes of inauthenticity and conformity in modern society. Can you share any personal experiences or observations that inspired you to address these issues in your songwriting? These things happen every day! In every corner, people are dedicating their lives and perfectly good physical bodies to maintain their online social status; the world has gone nuts, man! Nothing happened in particular with anyone, but we thought just maybe there was a bigger game here, so we decided to include this topic in the album.

The music video for "Fake Fate" uses symbolism to portray the characters' journey toward breaking free from societal constraints. What was your creative process behind developing the visual narrative for the video, and how do you feel it enhances the song's message? It is crazy, but somehow, we all saw it as a not-so-accurately modern piece of machinery, but we wanted it to appear more Soviet-sh-looking combined with a bit of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Space Odyssey.” It was shared ideas from all band members with the videographer Shareef Dana. Overall, the result is quite close to what we all expected, and the visuals here definitely enhance the song in many ways.

The instrumentation is crucial in conveying the track's intensity, with "Fake Fate” being a hardcore rock song. Can you discuss the collaborative process among band members in creating the song's powerful guitar riffs, bass lines, and vocals? It started with the clean guitar and main riff in the intro. Our ex-guitarist Max came up with it. From there, there was no particular job for anyone. We all brainstormed and attempted to add, remove or edit till everyone was satisfied with the final result and the song was done.

As you continue to work on your second LP, "The Division Agenda," what can fans expect regarding the album's direction and themes? Do you plan to explore new influences or genres in your upcoming work?

Today we are not the only people trying to talk about this. Many other artists we noticed (most of them independent) are trying to discuss the same thing. In extreme and unlimited ways today, attempts are happening to pull people apart as much as possible! There is no denying the direction of the world, which affects you who are reading this and us. This album is mainly more political than others. Each song in it represents a way to keep people separated. Speaking of genres, it differs from our previous styles, but we are sure everyone will love it. Hopefully, upcoming albums won't be like this and will be more about our extraordinary lives! As long as it is genuine.


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