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ForMula Releases A Tune You Need On Your Playlist: “Wine & Dine”

ForMula is an independent Toronto-based artist who spent his early life in Mexico. Possessing an exhaustive list of musical influences, the artist is best known for his versatility and ability to tap into different genres with the music he creates. Not long ago, ForMula released his first single titled “Wine & Dine” which gained quick traction digitally on social media and streaming!

We took a listen to “Wine & Dine” while also viewing the video and we were impressed by the radiating star appeal ForMula had. The contagious melodies, impressive autotune and clean-slated flow that was delivered with smoothness to match the suave appeal. ForMula has all the right tools needed to curate the perfect hits! In the video released to “Wine & Dine” you see much usage of fancy cars, attractive women and ForMula himself delivering the song with all the right energy and hype!

“Wine & Dine” is perfect for you hip-hop and R&B lovers who likes a good vibe song that you can dedicate to yourself or you and special somebody! He embodies the element of smooth-trap with his pitched perfect vocals and metaphorically catchy bars! The beat is perfect to ride and cruise alongside too and we loved every minute of it! If you need a catchy tune this summer to add to your playlist then you might want to check in with “Wine & Dine” by this rising star who has a career ahead of him filled with longevity and success.

Give a listen to "Wine & Dine" on Spotify, and check below for ForMula's exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far? How do you overcome them?

In-house production is definitely one obstacle that comes to mind. Currently, I look through 150+ beats before selecting one to lease or purchase. Because I often change the mood of my songs, all the singles I have released have been composed by different producers. I am looking to find a producer and lock in with her/him to obtain in-house production and a more unique sound. 

Tell us about “Wine & Dine” and the meaning behind it?

Wine&Dine is all about that one person. The one person who just takes the words right out of your mouth and the air right out of your lungs. It's all about treating them - Wine and Dining them, if you will. Wine&Dine was my debut studio single and it premiered on YouTube along with a crisp visual. It has since amassed over 25,000 views and over 15,000 streams on Spotify alone.

What inspired you to write “Wine & Dine” ?

I heard the instrumental, produced by KingLeeBoy and WannOnTheBeat and immediately began writing. I could hear the melodies in my head and I felt incredibly inspired. I wrote the song in just 2 days, and purchased the exclusive rights to the production. I showed a couple friends, their responses were overwhelmingly positive. Some advice I was given was to get the song recorded professionally and mixed - I did just that.

How does the title of the song reflect its theme?

The title Wine&Dine sparks thoughts of luxurious dining experiences paired with an exquisite selection of wine. What better way to treat "the one"?

What’s next for you this summer? Any exciting upcoming shows?

"Pros•per" will be releasing on the 2nd anniversary of the premiere of Wine&Dine - August 20th, 2019. "Pros•per" is my debut EP featuring 7 songs and no other artists. I have written and recorded many melodies - just playing around with cadence at this point and developing new ideas. 


Connect with ForMula on the artists Facebook and Instagram!


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