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Fortunate Losers Get “Divine”

Fortunate Losers, the Sudbury-born hard rock band, is back and better than ever! Hailing from the land of nickel mines, this group has proven that there's more to their hometown than just metal. Their latest single, "Divine," hits heavy from the jump like a razor-sharp fever dream. With Devon Cox's fiery vocals at the helm, the band is ready to melt some faces and capture hearts.

The band's charismatic frontman, Devon Cox, speaks to the resilience of the human spirit in "Divine," with lyrics that highlight the trials and tribulations we face in life. Coupled with the musical talents of guitarist Brad Giffen, the song offers a potent combination of hard rock and lyrical depth. As the chords and words unite, "Divine" becomes an anthem for pushing through the darkness and emerging victorious.

Produced by the illustrious Steve Molella at Union Sound in Toronto, "Divine" is a testament to the group's electrifying live performances. The track's thundering beats and mighty riffs provide the perfect platform for Cox's dynamic vocals. As he effortlessly transitions from searing verses to soaring choruses, listeners will be left begging for an encore.

The driving force behind "Divine" is undoubtedly the relentless guitar work of Brad Giffen. The melodies he rips with an intricate playing style add a layer of complexity to the song, keeping you on the edge from start to finish. The song's tone shifts from heavy and to lets fucking go to melodic and introspective, demonstrating the band's ability to blend these contrasting elements seamlessly.

"Divine" is a masterfully crafted rock anthem showcasing Fortunate Losers' talents blending gritty music with powerful, sailing vocals. The song's raw energy and ghostly vocals will have a grasp on you and leave you with your knee bouncing to the beat. With "Divine," Fortunate Losers prove that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of hard rock.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Fortunate Losers! Cheers to dropping such an anthem with your latest single. How did the title "Divine" come to represent the overall theme and message of the song, and what significance does it hold for you as a band?

First, we thank Buzz Music for the opportunity and your kind words over our latest single, "Divine." In our choruses, we try to portray the band calling out to all that is Divine in the hopes that one day a higher power will help us through and see us through the most challenging moments we embrace each and every day of our lives. We thought Divine would be a great fit as the track title because of how hard the chorus hits and resonates with the listener.

Can you share specific moments or experiences that inspired the lyrics and powerful emotions portrayed in "Divine" and how these experiences shaped the songwriting process?

This track shows how difficult the music industry can be for undiscovered independent artists. How mentally trying it is to deal with the workload vs reward. We would like to think that the emotion in the vocal comes from a long history of closed doors, no replies, and an overall disinterest that helps this track scream out emotionally. "Don't leave us behind."

As you developed the distinctive sound of "Divine," which elements were most important for you to incorporate, and how did you ensure that the heavy guitar riffs and soaring vocals complemented each other effectively?

Brad Giffen (Lead Guitarist, Songwriter) originally brought to life the track. It then went through our pre-production grinder process with Steve Molella (Producer, Drummer Of Finger Eleven) before hitting the studio to lay the bed tracks. We all knew how we wanted this track to sound thick and warm tonality-wise but somehow still inviting at the same vocally. Then we realized that the track's anthemic hook would resonate far beyond the teams' original expectations and that we had to make this one of our leading tracks on the record.

In "Divine," the lyrics explore struggle, resilience, and ultimately finding the light. How do you hope your listeners will connect with these themes and apply them to their lives, and what impact do you want the song to have on them?

We can only hope that our listeners never lose the will or drive it takes mentally, physically, & emotionally to see their endeavours through to the very end, or at the very least form some closure around things they can't accomplish for whatever reason. If that happens to be the case, a positive mindset and personal perseverance are great tools to start somewhere new and fresh when confronted with one of life's many roadblocks. We know firsthand how frustrating it can be when you've worked so hard for so long over something that is just out of reach and remains that way. On the other hand, we also have been fortunate enough to experience just how good it feels when you do hit your mark or succeed. Everyone should have a chance to share that experience at one point.

With the release of "Divine" and the evident growth in your music, what are your future aspirations as a band, and how do you plan to continue evolving and building on the momentum this song has generated?

Honestly, upward is always a great way to look at things from our perspective as we gaze upon the intimidating steep face of our mountainside from the shaded valley. We will continue to strive to make the very best decisions and music that satisfy our camp while keeping the music relevant and welcoming in our markets to help keep the listener and us connected to our stories and chapters for years to come.


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