Fox Violet Delivers Dream-Like Dark Pop Rock With “Freak”

Fox Violet blends ambient dreamscapes with dark pop-rock hooks and soulful vocals. Her song focus on heartbreak and longing. With soaring layered psychedelic guitars and crunchy synths Fox Violet crafts bold stories that are both ethereal, relatable and honest. Gritty, raw, and voicing the underdog, Fox Violet songs are written from otherworldly perspectives that are haunting but familiar. They seek to challenge the status quo, time and again and have the force that only life experience can give, gained from living, breaking and putting yourself together again.

“Freak” loops out like this entrancing, intensifying wash of noise and color. It’s as industrially gritty as it is melodically entrancing. Bringing together organic and electronic elements like chaotic synths and a mechanical rhythm section, “Freak” grows from lightly uplifting to heavy and immersive within a few short minutes. All the while we can find nothing to compare it to. The soundscape leaves the listener in constant anticipation while honing in on Fox Violet’s ethereal vocals and mesmerizing tones. As the experience progresses, if you’re listening at volume, the moment envelops you entirely. Feeling partly like the depths of some strangely enjoyable nightmare, and yet it’s nothing like you might expect. We can’t wait to hear more from Fox Violet! 

Listen to “Freak” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Fox Violet! 

Hey Fox Violet! How did you all get started making music? How old were you?

Thea: I started singing/performing at age 12 and song writing 10 years ago. Phoebe: I started playing violin at 3 yrs old (mom was my teacher) and singing and performing in plays not long after. It’s been a lifetime, but only realized creating music was my path/passion about 6 years ago. Yoga: Age 14, in the Fox Violet crew we are pretty fresh, but so far the chemistry is great in the band. Max: I've been singing in choruses and choirs since before I can remember, but picked up a bass and really fell in love with music when I was 13.Tito: I started playing guitar after watching AC/DC live when I was 12. Melanie: I was around 14.

"Freak” is a great song, beautifully written and performed. What does the song represent for you all, and what do you hope people take away from it?

Thea/Phoebe: Freak is written from the perspective of a girl who feels like she isn't 'good' enough to be 'saved' (it is not religious but rather it is unpacking that notion of why we want to be saved) because of self hate/self sabotage and the impact that has on a person's psyche. It's really an anthem for the underdog, the person who feels they don't fit in, belong, to say none of us do, and it's ok to be on the outskirts. It's a current theme running through Fox Violet. Yoga: For me it represents the weirdo inside me and some sort of conflict with it.

What other artists would you compare your genre and sound to? Why?

Thea: Massively inspired by Radiohead, Phantogram, Lana Del Rey, Portishead, Daughter, NIN and Phillip Glass. I would say the music is visceral, raw and visual. We are story tellers first and foremost and want to encapsulate an alternate reality that is not afraid to be dark and real.  Phoebe: The Cranberries meets Radiohead with a little touch of folk... very melodic, atmospheric, lyric-driven, cinematic, dark but colorful and layered Yoga:  I feel it’s unique in its own way, but it defiantly has a flavor of Radiohead, NiN and grunge era music. Max: I would compare FV dark ambient sound to Deftones/Radiohead and I try to lend tones influenced by Justin Chancellor of Tool.Tito: I like to think guitar wise I'm somewhere between Incubus, Bob Marley and Johnny winter. Melanie: Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

Thea/Phoebe: We wanna do it all, tour, develop a live show that keeps people talking and feeling long after it’s over, record record record and write. Thea: Oh and have lots of fun. Yoga: To feel good and proud of art form we are making for the people. Max: To create and perform as much as possible. Melanie: To constantly be on tour. Tito: The full band process, write, record, tour, repeat.


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