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Fracture Lines Aims To “Escape” The World’s Chaos

In an attempt to escape the chaotic modern world, four-piece progressive rock band Fracture Lines releases their scorching hot new single, "Escape."

Comprised of Julian Myers (vocalist, guitar), Jorge Olivares (guitar), Brandon Watt (bass), and Brian Wilcox (drums), Fracture Lines has been making waves in Montreal, Quebec, with previous releases like "Savior," "Cyclical," and "Rocket." Now, the boys are keeping up the momentum with their compelling new single, "Escape."

The new track is an anthem for anyone feeling sick and tired of what our world has become. While the band's previous releases all carry a similar energy and power, this new track stands out solely due to its ultra-relevant message of heightened anger and frustration over the chaotic, selfish, and tragic nature of planet Earth in 2024.

Diving deeper into "Escape," we're met with a powerful instrumental breakdown that shakes our speakers with progressive rock's melodic, groovy, yet assertive nature. As Fracture Lines puts on a sci-fi-exodus spin reminiscent of bands like Rush, Myers smacks the speakers with a message of desperation, anger, and an underlying hope that we can "Escape" from the madness.

The many instrumental transitions and breakdowns keep our attention hooked, especially Watt's killer bass licks that mold seamlessly with Myers and Olivares' guitars alongside Wilcox's comprehensive percussion. All in all, it's an exhilarating track that reminds us how the world might just be going to sh*t, and it's on us to have an "Escape" plan.

Get your daily energy (and hope) with Fracture Lines' latest single, "Escape," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BUZZ, Fracture Lines! We deeply relate to the angst and desperation of your recent single, "Escape." What inspired you to create this powerful and cathartic track?

Thank you so much; speaking with you again is a pleasure. The song was created from the ideas that our singer/guitar player, Julian, wrote. It was a quick idea from the intro that sparked the rest of the song. The main musical mission statement was to have a song that doesn't sound too indulgent to a listener but has many quirks and nerdy stuff behind it. Lyrically, it feels one of the most well-written in terms of how it connects to the music. We got this song to express itself in all parts.

Could you discuss your band's creative process behind the scenes of "Escape?" How did you bring this song to life?

Our process was taking the stem of an idea that Julian came up with and then adding the layers that every member brought to make this better and better with everyone's input. Brian put down a solid and creative drum track, Brandon came in with some amazing bass lines that drive the song, and Jorge wrote some beautiful layers of guitar that fill up the song like an orchestra. Everything was in the right space, with the right amount of notes and ideas, and it felt right.

Who wrote the heavy lyrics behind "Escape," and what was your goal in terms of the listener's experience? What did you want them to feel or take away?

Julian wrote the lyrics based on the unfortunate suffering that war brings out. With all these people being displaced, it brought up some imagery of a Sci-Fi- Exodus of some sort. The verses musically felt an urgency, the feeling of running away.

Then, the 2nd part before the chorus has feelings of anger and despair, which then comes to the slightly hopeful chorus," Can we escape?" in the background while the lead voice sings, " I don't know we can..." add a jazzy instrumental section for some spacey sort of mysterious vibes. The song feels complete in telling the story and has a feeling of wanting to escape.

Since "Escape" is your first release in 2024, how does this single set the tone for your year? Do you plan on creating more anthemic, ultra-relevant songs like this?

The tone has been set for our first release with our current drummer Brian Wilcox, he has been a very important piece of the puzzle and help achieve our goals for this song and future projects. We do have some cooking plans! Some more songs are on the way, more on the conceptual side of things but a very relatable subject matter.

What was your favorite part about creating "Escape?" What moment or experience stood out the most for your group?

Our favorite part of creating this song was that every time we recorded our parts, it was as if the song kept getting better. Everyone brought such an A-game that the tune kept elevating to another level every time. The song is a good challenge to play live, and it's definitely going to be a staple of our shows for a long while.


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