Frances Praet Explores Love in New Depths During "I Would"

Frances Praet is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. Having written and produced the entirety of her catalog thus far, she continues to write and produce for herself as well as other artists in the industry.

Her music incorporates elements of classic rock and modern Americana, providing a unique blend that pulls from nostalgia and her southern roots.

Soothing elements of effervescence surge through our speakers in a way that has Frances Praet glowing in an illuminating light of vibrancy. Her most recent single, “I Would,” plays upon a colossal atmosphere that tackles innovative and nostalgic components in the instrumentation simultaneously.

Enormous drum hits ricochet as we sense an intriguing universe come to life with the utilization of 80’s style primitive synths syncopating for an electric spark in the way the buoyancy is portrayed in the ambiance. Frances Praet uses this canvas to elegantly flow her robust timbres drenched in authentic experiences as she guides us effortlessly through powerful keynotes in her lyrics such as, “cause I would. I’d risk everything that we are now.”

Using her words to cast a spellbinding effect in the emotions she genuinely feels, Frances Praet allows us to match the intensity of her heart as we tap into a narrative that has her falling for someone who may not know it yet.

The method in which she conveys this message sends reminiscent hues of our own past experiences to the front of our minds as we catch ourselves riding the wave of Frances Praet’s vintage soundscape. Dangling “I Would” before her fan base, we encourage you to embrace the warmth that Frances Praet radiates in this emotion-filled ballad.

We truly adore your latest single, “I Would.” Could you please take us into the creative process in order to bring such an intimate song t your listeners?

Thank you so much! This song was so fun to create. I think a lot of songwriters experience the struggle I do where it's so easy to write a sad song, but upbeat songs aren’t cultivated as naturally. This one came fairly easily to me, though. I’d played around with the idea of saying something along the lines of ‘I would if you would for a while, but one day the pieces just came together in my head and the song wrote itself in about 10 minutes! That’s how I know it’s one I want to record - most of the time, the easier it comes to you the easier it is on the ears.

Being multifaceted in your artistry must mean that you endure various creative processes. Do you have a specific part of a progression that you enjoy more than the rest? Why?

I am first and foremost a songwriter and musician, it’s truly my therapy and how I’ve always processed everything in my life from a young age. However, I find so much fulfillment in producing at this point in my life! I’ve had the privilege of working with my dad, J. David Praet, who has produced and engineered for over 40 years now. I’ve learned so much more about that process in the past few years from him, and there is truly nothing like the feeling of being satisfied with what you’ve created after so many intensive hours of work.

As we take a trip down memory lane, could you please share with us the way you have grown as an artist from your first release to the release of “I Would?"

My first release felt so delayed in my mind - like I said I’ve been writing and playing since I was 8 years old, so I felt like I had so much to share with the world and it could not come out soon enough. Most of the songs on my first album had been written for years, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to produce them in a way that would do them justice. With “I Would,” there was a lot more freedom to play around with elements I hadn’t used before (like the Simmons SDS-V - the quintessential '80s drum machine inherited from my dad). This song definitely moved more in the pop direction, but I feel I was able to progress in my artistry while also staying true to the sound I created on my first album!

What are you hoping that your fan base takes away from the message you send out in “I Would?"

I want people to listen to this song and find the confidence to say how they feel! I live by the philosophy that you will never know if you never try, and you can’t be upset with someone for something they don’t know. Life is way too short, so tell people you love them - I would!