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Francophone Artist Charli, Sprinkles a Bit of Magic on Listeners with Sortilège

French Pop sensation Charli wows fans with her latest single, 'Sortilège,' from her long-awaited EP, 'PRE-EP.'

Formerly known as Charly Gee, Indie Pop artist Charli reigns out of Los Angeles as a Singer, Songwriter, super creative, and overall powerful woman who has found her identity in the music industry.

As an artist, Charli loves to experiment with the sounds of different eras. Especially the vintage themes of the beloved ’60s and ’80s. As she sprinkles her own unique zest to these creations, music is a vessel of expression for her on many levels. Zigzagging between puzzling components of the emotions she articulates, Charli wants her magic musical dust to sprinkle on the minds of her rapidly growing fan base.

'Sortilège,' translates into the English word, spell and let us tell you, Charli has definitely put a spell over us with these lavish harmonies and reverberated lyrics. Glistening upon up-tempo, vivid Pop instrumentation, the sultry sounds of Charli shine bright as the Francophone artist sings reverberated words captivating her audience instantaneously.

“Sortilège,” expresses the self-love you need to hold within when you follow your dreams and take the world by storm. It heightens the points of putting yourself number one while you dazzle everyone with your magical powers that can only come from showing up for yourself.

Captured in a heavenly time capsule with electronic elements, we are given a taste of Charli and her new artistic versatility as she glimmers beams of hope upon us all with her powerful messaging. The performance heard can easily draw in new fans as the memorability of the hook stays long on your mind after the song has finished.

From the beginning of the record to the end, “Sortilège,” transports you to a confident headspace where you can’t help but flaunt the energy that Charli radiates through the speakers.

Congratulations on the release of your single, “Sortilège,” from your EP, 'PRE-EP.' We had so much fun listening to this song as it had us moving right from the start! What made you decide to make this the single off of your EP?

Thank you so much! Sortilège is a song that I had I mind a long time ago.

I already had the idea that LA had bewitched me and that I had to put words on it. But Sortilège is not the single off of my Ep it's Never again!

What was the creative process like when creating “Sortilège”?

For Sortilège it was pretty easy I wanted to say what I wrote for a long time now in a song. So when I started working on this production it seemed obvious to me that I had to talk about it! For Never Again it's a mashup of stories that happened to me in the past and it's pretty the same process as with Sortilège! I began a cool prod, I wanted to be like "RIver" (Bishop Briggs) something strong and sexy for that story! And then you let the magic happened!

For Superficial it was a song for fun, I was in a good mood I didn't know exactly where I wanted to go, I just went with the flow!

How long did it take for you to create the collected works found on your EP, 'PRE-EP'? Were there any memorable moments you can share with us?

I work for production and lyrics but my side for almost 2 or 3 days and then Candace Sosa, a really cool artist, and also amazing producer helped me to polish everything, do the master and vocals, etc... So I might say about a week in total. A memorable moment? Tough question because it's always fun to work with Candace, but I should say that we have a little tradition now that I love. When I go to her studio we never know which song that I did we are going to work on. So when I'm on a session with her the first thing that we begin with is to listen to all the track that I did and I remember that it was so funny to see her trying to sing Sortilege in french.

What message would you like your listeners to take away from the single “Sortilège,” and your EP 'PRE-EP'?

For this EP, I don't really have a message! It's more an Introduction, I show a little bit of me that I never showed before! And I want people to like this EP because it's fun different bouncy with 3 different universes. So just have fun guys and hope you will like it!

Do you have any other releases planned before the end of 2020?

Right now I don't plan other releases before 2021! We're focusing on this EP! But never say never.


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