Freaky Deeky Lets It All out With the New Release of 'StarMode' the EP

Today we hone in on New Orleans Hip/Hop artist Freaky Deeky. Recently, Freaky Deeky released his passion-driven EP, which features 5 heavily intensified tracks. Each track that Freaky Deeky includes within the EP brings its own understanding and level of eloquence. All in all, listeners can expect to extract a real sense of understanding from Freaky Deeky regarding life and experience. 

Freaky Deeky begins StarMode The EP off with "StarMode II", and the track truly kickstart the energetic surge listeners can expect to receive from it. "StarMode II" houses a low-key vibe, stemming ultimately from the consistent beat the track showcases. Freaky Deeky takes the track to express internal conflicts, as well as perspectives regarding his personal life. The same kind of intensity is kept with "Big Bank Rolls", so don't expect to relax your senses any time soon. That's one aspect of Freaky Deeky's music that's kept steady--his ability to always generate music that easily stimulates the listener. "Big Bank Rolls" delves deeper into the perspective visions of Freaky Deeky, and shares extractable lessons. He's trying to keep it real in "Big Bank Rolls", and the energy feels incredibly real. Freaky Deeky establishes a prominent theme once we arrive at "Fallen Starz". The third track shows a pure fervor from Freaky Deeky, and the production seriously felt hypnotizing with the persistent bell sound. Freaky Deeky unravels his inner wisdom regarding life. Listeners get to hear about how painful obstacles and experiences can force drive and sometimes, tragedy. We receive a lot from Freaky Deeky with this particular track, and he really impresses us with his willingness to delve so deeply into his personal life. "Made Out" is the next track we come across, and Freaky Deeky slows things down a bit with a mix of this track. As listeners, we're brought along the fierce exploration of Freaky Deeky with his own personal truth. He offers intriguing expressions in "Made Out", and makes the track incredibly personable with the lyrical content. 

As we end the EP, we come across 'StarMode'. Freaky Deeky begins the track discussing the influence of circumstance, and eventually goes deeper into external expectations of himself. There are so many themes packed into 'StarMode', which made us realize how introspective Freaky Deeky is as an artist. 'StarMode' sets in place the ideology that Freaky Deeky extends his personal wisdom out to listeners through his music, and takes the time to really rat perspectives worth hearing about. We were attracted to the natural depth StarMode The EP had to offer, but most importantly, we felt allured by the connection that came along with the flow of Freaky Deeky's verses. We really got to know the artist in a different and more intimate sense with this EP, which only makes us excited to see what the artist will construct next. We're hoping for more thought-provoking tracks, and we don't expect Freaky Deeky will be disappointing us anytime soon.

Check out Freaky Deeky's latest EP here

Welcome, Freaky Deeky! Congrats on releasing StarMode The EP. With the release of this record, how did you feel you were transforming your music and ultimate sound? Is there a certain direction you were hoping to extend out in with the release of the EP?!

With this release, ultimately I wanted my sound to be more uptempo. Usually, my music is more expressive of the dark side of life. I wanted to reach a hyper audience. 

With the 5-track EP, what track did you feel held the most personable expressions? Was there any track that was difficult to write and record due to its content, and what it meant for you personally?

The track I feel expressed me more personably would be Made Out. 

As an artist who prides himself with capturing real and authentic content, how do you feel you've projected this quality into StarMode The EP?

I feel like I merged the subject matter and an uptempo sound with this release. 

"Big Bank Rolls" offered an insightful perspective with the current realities of society today. Was there a certain message you wanted your listeners to take away with this track? Do you find there's a particular takeaway theme for each track you produce?

I wanted to shed light on the obstacles in life in a manner the club crowd could turn up to. 

We appreciate the time, Freaky Deeky! Where would you say your sound will extend itself next with future music to come?!

Who knows, I couldn’t say but I’m getting better and better every day