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Freaky Deeky Showcases Vulnerability and Versatility In “When I Lost It”

“When I Lost It” is another hip-hop smash from Freaky Deeky, fusing high energy, multi-layered beats, with a heavy bass-line and quickly confident lyrics with raw subject matter and performance. It’s is an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. Freaky drives with a simple lust for life including catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism, and style. This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cements Freaky Deeky’s sound and approach as an artist. The lyrics throughout this single are raw and Freaky truly lays out his individual journeys and experience. “When I Lost It” not only showcases his skill as a rapper and lyricist, but he gives us high energy and catchy delivery to each hook that will have any listener shouting along with him. The multi-talented artist shows his versatility through this release. “When I Lost It” is a song that connects a little more strongly with every few moments that pass by, and with each new revisit. That intensity and swagger drive things along in an appealing way, reminding you there’s a musical connection at the heart of Freaky’s work and his reasons for making pure bangers. 

Listen to “When I Lost It” here and read more with Freaky Deeky below! 

Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Congratulations on the success of your track “When I Lost It”. How did the overall creation process go for this song?

The song was based off a personal situation I was going through and once I heard the beat I knew exactly what I say to it.

We're so excited to be featuring your track “When I Lost It”. Where do you find your inspiration to curate tracks with such originality?

That’s just it, one of my main focuses is to give as much of the real me as possible. I think uniqueness is a requirement for creatives.

What would you say is the most impactful takeaway message from “When I Lost It”? Do you feel like you're able to connect with your listeners on that deeper level?

Yes, because I feel like I speak about situations that a number of people go through or have seen someone go through. 

How would you describe the music scene for your particular genre in your hometown? Do you believe that you can fully develop your sound in your current city?

The music scene in New Orleans I believe is a mixture of other outside cultures. I think we reached a point where we abandoned the unique sound of New Orleans, and never developed a new sound that represents our city. I believe I can reach people in whatever city I’m in. 


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