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Freddie Freeloader Shares the Realities Behind Feelings and Relationships in "I THINK SHE THINKS"

Anonymous musician Freddie Freeloader is the sole composer of each and every song he releases. As a multi-instrumentalist, Freddie Freeloader takes his sweet time in crafting the soundscapes of his songs, which usually fits into the alternative/rock music scene.

The latest self-produced single from Freddie Freeloader is titled "I THINK SHE THINKS" and it's your official alternative/rock escape. "I THINK SHE THINKS" will likely strike you with its potent electric guitar riffs, if not its heavy electrically nuanced synth collection. Freddie Freeloader promotes an eclectic and punchy production as a result and sparks interest right from the beginning of the song with such an ambiance.

Lyrically, "I THINK SHE THINKS" is Freddie Freeloader's means to express his various thoughts surrounding a relationship with a woman. The nonchalance from Freddie Freeloader's romantic interest seems to prove there's a lack of care on her end, yet her actions show him that there might be more than she's letting on emotion-wise. In the end, Freddie Freeloader leaves still seeking peace of mind and clarity. All in all, "I THINK SHE THINKS" carried an authentically cool alt/rock energy that hosted an emotionally stirring storyline from the life of Freddie Freeloader.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Freddie Freeloader, and congratulations on the debut of your single, "I THINK SHE THINKS." This song is one of three to be released, all of which lead up to your debut EP release. How does "I THINK SHE THINKS" relate to the other two singles still set to be released?

Thank you for the congratulations, it's so exciting to have my first song out for people to hear. "I THINK SHE THINKS" (ITST) is a specific moment in the broader story of my debut ep "Crimson I". Each song on this record is different from the other because each song is a specific moment in my life from the end of 2019 to the end of 2020. I had just left a high school sweetheart, a 5-year long relationship which was immensely difficult to do. Though "ITST" isn't the immediate highlighted moment after this relationship ended, it was the first song I had written. Really, it started as me writing down how I felt about the whole situation because other means of finding closure were not successful.

How emotionally impactful was "I THINK SHE THINKS" for you? Were there any difficulties surrounding the creative stage of the single due to its emotional component?

"ITST" was very impactful to my emotions, as is the whole album and the new songs I'm working on. The writing process of "ITST" was quick and allowed me to realize how I was spending my time. The process allowed me to find closure in one of the mental and emotional battles I was in. "ITST" had little to no difficulty in writing, it was an outpouring of thoughts from pen to paper in a week's time.

What kind of atmosphere were you hoping to set with "I THINK SHE THINKS?"

In terms of atmosphere, I want "ITST" to feel easy and digestible within the first or second listen. So the listener can have an open passage to explore the lyrics and this moment more in-depth with their own interpretation. Hopefully, I've written the lyrics of this moment well enough that someone can implement their own experience and find our moments are relatable.

As the producer of your songs, how did you go about producing "I THINK SHE THINKS?"

The production and creation of "ITST" and "Crimson I" were in my bedroom, so no high-quality rooms or gear haha! But, I spent most of my time focusing on getting the best natural sound I could achieve from the instruments and the best takes I could perform. I give all the mix and master credits to my producer Mike D'Arolfi from Toronto, Ontario. I also recorded the vocals with Mike and he really helped me feel comfortable recording vocals for the first time.

Can you explain to readers the meaning behind "I THINK SHE THINKS" and how it attributes to the release of your future EP?

There isn't much of greater meaning or moral of the story to "ITST", it's more a reflection of how I felt at a certain time. Before I wrote the lyrics, I found myself in a state of confusion with a vacancy of love. I had confused myself by thinking I made a mistake leaving this relationship. I missed the feeling of being in love and I wanted it back so badly. Because of this, I lost the clear self-image I thought I had about myself. Everything around me was still the same, but half of my identity was gone. I spent a lot of time dwelling on old memories, longing for emotions that vanished and had no certainty of coming back. In terms of its relationship to the EP "Crimson I", it is 1 of 5 specific moments in the time frame I previously mentioned.

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