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Free Arlo Has Us Dipped In Our Feelings With His Latest, "Iy"

Chance Famighetti is better known by Free Arlo, the performance alias of this southern California native. He has been exercising his creativity by writing, recording, and producing for 10 years, but for him, this is only just the beginning.

His latest release, "another EP'' is a follow-up to his previous body of work, ‘Free Arlo,’ released in January 2019. Coming in as some of his best work, the second track on the EP is currently sitting number one on KROQ Locals Only and is rising across the nation.

Focusing our devotion to Free Arlo’s track, “Iy,” we are so blissfully caught up in the warm strums that the guitar chords emit in a surplus of emotion and actuality. As you bop your head to the sprightly instrumentation, you’re pulled into the soothing vocal performance that Free Arlo releases through his innermost sentimentalities. With his delicate range of harmonious melodies colliding in a striking grasp of alluring invitation, you are graciously welcomed into an ingenious world that Free Arlo creates through his generous soundscapes.

Depicting images of love in the chaotic environments that we adapt to as we cement our place upon the ground, “Iy,” pays a heartfelt tribute swimming in the realities of what love looks like for many out there. As we embrace the meaning behind the theme that Free Arlo is crossing over, we can only let our headspace float into wistful thinking.

With a larger than life performance dipped in an elusive presentation, we are fully on the hook of Free Arlo. Hoping that this glimpse into his EP sets the tone for what we can expect, he remains a heavy hitter through indescribable melodies that weigh heavy on our noggin.

Listen to "Iy" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Free Arlo, and congratulations on the release of, “Iy.” With a song that sounds so personal to you, we would love to know; is this song written about a specific person or a specific moment?

The song is personal, it’s actually written about my girlfriend and her rough relationship with her parents. It’s hard to watch the self-esteem of someone you care about continue to struggle and be oppressed by people whose opinions mean so much to them. The lyrics are my thoughts and emotions on the matter and I hope the song might serve as a pep talk for anyone else feeling the same way.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the EP has in store for us?

The EP is a slew of songs I’ve released with the addition of two new ones, ordered in a way that tells a little bit of a story if you use your imagination!

What did the creative process look like when bringing, “Iy,” to life?

The creative process behind the song was pretty seem-less. I had a friend of mine, Cameron Olsen play some guitar for me and built the soundscape around that - I knew I wanted it clean and dreamy and I think the final master captures what I was aiming for.

What is your ideal atmosphere to create? When it comes to writing, recording, and producing, do you have one that you prefer over the others?

Writing, for me, can happen anywhere... someone will say something and my

brain will go “hey, that’s a lyric” and the melody follows immediately. I think inspiration comes at the strangest times but you do have to invite it. As far as producing and recording goes, that all happens in my bedroom!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

2020 has made conversations with friends and family more meaningful to me, especially in person. Those conversations are what motivates me and drive me to create. 2021 will be packed with new music and hopefully, some live performances!


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