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FrenchW Releases Feel-Good Single “Another Life”

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, FrenchW is a blossoming independent singer, songwriter, and producer who has just released the feel-good single “Another Life.”

Without committing himself to only one genre, he incorporates the best aspects of pop, indie pop, and R&B into his songs. Having started writing his own music at age 14 and singing in his school choirs, FrenchW gained a plethora of musical experience at a young age! After listening to just one of his songs, it is clear that he has continued to develop and grow his musical talents over the years.

In his recent release,  “Another Life” FrenchW immediately touches your heart as he begins to sing alongside a piano playing a nostalgic melody.

His voice starts out soft and thoughtful, keeping the vibe of the song graceful and romantic.

As fingers start to snap and light percussion sounds develop into a beat, the soundscape begins to increase in energy. The chorus of “Another Life” consists of a catchy melody that will make listeners feel like they can sing along during their first listen.

Throughout the whole song, FrenchW has created a youthful and playful sound that will have listeners reliving their best memories. His lyricism focuses on a love interest that he may not have met yet, but he knows he is meant to be with in the future. The lyrics are romantic in a lighthearted way as if the whole song is an innocent daydream. For music lovers who are always searching for that feel-good song to accompany us during our best moods, FrenchW has brought us just that with “Another Life.”

Discover "Another Life" here.

You have told us that you like to incorporate aspects of pop, indie, and R&B into your music. Could you describe how you are inspired by each of these genres in your songs? Thank you for having me here! It’s a pleasure getting to talk to you. And yes! Pop has been my favorite musical genre because it’s so diverse and yet very accessible to everyone. It’s quite easy-listening so I incorporate that feel-good and the easy-listening vibes into my music. R&B is a style that I like to listen to, including a little bit of pop/jazz. I watched lots of R&B singers like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, so I might have learned some vocal techniques they used. And Indie to me just simply means independent. I’m an independent artist so I can literally write about anything, not having to care about the commercial or the mainstream sound but luckily I have some people who like what I write :) Could you tell us what the lyrics of “Another Life” represent? What was your inspiration during your songwriting process for this song? I actually got the idea from the series on Netflix called ‘The Order’. A series about a secret magical society in a college. I was so invested in the main characters, Jack and Alyssa, and felt that their romance rose beyond the conflict of the series itself. But long story short, Jack woke up one day forgetting about Alyssa and the time they spent together and it’s almost as if he started living in another life. Hence, the song title. And that was the spark. I started imagining what I would do if I were Jack, using some moments in my past relationship to narrate the story as well. You are influenced by artists like Ed Sheehan, LANY, and Lauv. Can you tell us how these artists inspire you and your music style? Definitely. I’ve spent my time listening to these artists a lot since I was younger. You looked up to Ed and be like ‘one day, I’ll be like him’. That was my dream when I saw his live performance a couple of years back. But I’ve got a weird way of listening to music. I listen to it for the sake of enjoyment and education and I can’t mix them up. I can’t be like ‘I’m dancing to this but hmm I wonder what plugin he/she is using there’. I often look for production techniques that I could use, with my own twist, to improve my sound. You often collaborate with other artists, giving each of your songs unique flavors. Can you tell us about some of your collaborations? Yes! I was fortunate to have two great artists featured in my EP “29 to 3”, one of them being The Voice winner from Lithuania. I have learned a lot from each of them and they have definitely brought in a new musical perception into my creation. Although sometimes you find yourself in an argument it’s definitely worth it at the end. I have also co-written songs with other artists from the UK and they haven’t been put out yet so keep an eye out on my page for that! What can fans anticipate next from you? First of all, I wanna thank every single one of them for watching and streaming all of my songs! I’m very happy to achieve all these things so big thanks to my team, fans, family, and friends who have supported me since day 1. It makes me realize that a part of the artist I am today comes from my hard work and dedication but the big part of FrenchW comes from my supporters. It means the world to me knowing that the songs I make mean something to someone. But this is just the beginning. I’ve got more songs lined up till the beginning of 2021. They will definitely see my personal growth in my music and the lyrics I put in. A more defined piece of music going into the direction that will define my artistry. Like I always say, my music is a mirror of myself. It represents what I saw, what I believe, and the feeling that comes with it. It sucks that COVID-19 took away some of the gigs we planned for 2020 but as soon as this pandemic soars, I promise I will be back on the road doing what I love the most again!


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