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Fresh Breath Released Their Energetic Hit “I’m On A Roll”

Fresh Breath, is a husband & wife duo from Ontario, Canada. Their singer/songwriter style music is filled with inspirations from the classic genres such as 90’s alternative, Rock n Roll, funky blues, and even their little swirl of country! The couple are incredible songwriters as well! The couple’s lyrics often evoke harsh truths of their realities, vulnerable moments of reflection and inspiring ideologies about how to pick up & move on from these certainties of life. They’ve been playing music together ever since they’ve met! They initially began using the practice of music together as a therapeutic way to bond. “Peace, Love &Fresh Breath” kids are always ready to rock a stage with vibrant energy, giant vocals & all around good vibes. Their goal is to bring people together with their music, to inspire positive energy and to share their passion for music with everyone they meet. Fresh Breath is currently working on a new full length album, set to be released in Spring 2019.

Fresh Breath released their trailblazing hit, “I’m on a Roll” which begins with a gorgeous string combination from the acoustic guitar. They set the captivating melody for the tone in the introduction for the record, preparing yourself for the breathtaking song you’re about to hear! The vocals by Fresh Breath has this sassy warm resonance with a slight hint of twang on it. The raspiness and sultry grit possessed in the vocalist tone helps create a feisty delivery, especially when she hit those big belting notes in the song. These attractive vocals binds you with the record like a leash to a dog and you’re ready for the journey they create in the music. “I’m On a Roll” had high good energy, with an electrifying delivery which gave us the interest in wanting to see a performance like this live! which becomes good news for us because the duo will be touring the album in which “I’m on a roll” is featured on, throughout Ontario in April, as well as a Western Canada Tour set for September 2019.

Listen to “I’m On a Roll” here and get to more about Fresh Breathe below!

Hello! Can you tell our readers about yourselves?

We are a husband & wife duo, from Ontario Canada. We spend basically all of our time together, either playing music, writing music, planning tours, or hanging with our labradoodle pup. We live on a farm and love the peace & quiet of country living.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

Juggling music & a full time career has been something we’ve struggled with for years. In 2020 we’ll both be making the leap to become full time artists which is very exciting & liberating!

What’s the meaning behind “I’m on a roll” ?

“I’m on a Roll” is a simple idea for a song. It can be translated in many different ways. But for us, it’s really a tribute to the upcoming lifestyle we have planned for ourselves. To be out on the road, playing our music and being free from obligations and expectations. It’s about being in your element, doing what lights you up & makes you feel free.

How does the title of the song reflect the theme of the song?

The song has a “vacation state of mind” vibe. Which I think works with the title. Everyone has moments of feeling like they’re unstoppable or when things are really just going your way. “I’m on a Roll” is a way of integrating those ideas and feelings.

What’s next in your music career?

We’re releasing a brand new full length album, called “The Big Picture” and it’ll be available on all platforms, as well as CD & Vinyl. We’re having an album release party at our very own venue (Barn on the Farm) on June 22,2019. We plan on touring the new album throughout Canada for 2019 & 2020 in our newly converted campervan (Van Wilder!).  So a lot of open road up ahead & adventure! We’re really excited to get this new album out there and share it with everyone. It is definitely our most sophisticated body of work yet and we’re really looking forward to playing these songs live & getting our music out there to the world.


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