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Fresh Lady Releases “Sorry Sasha,” a Song For Your Ex's New Flame

Fresh Lady releases her latest track, “Sorry Sasha,” a song that takes you down memory lane, looking back on an old flame.

Fresh Lady's jazz-infused vocals show traces of Lily Allen, Eliza Doolittle, and Duffy.

Wrapped up in the revivalist production of Nashville-based duo Handmade, this audacious lament from Fresh Lady is fun for the whole crew.

This captivating artist is bringing a satirical message to those who still have a chance in finding 'love'.

“It’s never fun to watch someone fall for a familiar antagonist, especially when you know how the season finale ends.”

“Sorry Sasha,” begins with an intriguing magnitude of pop-jazz flavors that instantly have you bopping to the beat. The brilliant pep in a clear and reverberated vocal that Fresh Lady graces us with, fits perfectly into the melodies we hear throughout the song.

"Sorry Sasha" is an uplifting and empowering anthem for anyone who's ever been cheated on or lied to by their significant other.

"Sorry Sasha" comes to us a message with a warning label, delivered to the next person who falls for the same things you did with the same unlawful partner. The details that "Sorry Sasha" delivers propels you to a place where you can relate first hand to the message that Fresh Lady conveys: he's an ex for a reason. The character of Sasha chooses her own path and dates him anyways, soon to be endured by all the heartache you once experienced.

Fresh Lady has you falling into the depths of her music through her well-crafted lyrics and intoxicating delivery of "Sorry Sasha". From her crafty songwriting to the way she performs, we can’t wait to hear what Fresh Lady has in store for us in 2021.

We love the tone that you have set on “Sorry Sasha.” What is the meaning behind this track that you created? Who is Sasha? Thank you so much! Sasha is the character who dates your ex after you. The song showcases a perspective shift. Looking back on what I went through in a relationship, through the prism of watching someone new going through the same crap. When I was learning what I wanted from a partner, and how to draw my own boundaries there was a lot of trial and error. My girls tried to tell me COUNTLESS times but I couldn’t hear it when I was so emotionally invested. But every mistake in love is a lesson on what you can and should put up with.  As hard as it was to watch, Sasha needed to learn that for herself as well. We’ve all been Sasha in one way or another, the trick is taking those mistakes and learning from them.  With a song that drips in such confidence, was there a specific moment or experience that shaped your inspiration for “Sorry Sasha”? Getting played! Ha! When I got two-timed there were a lot of questions that popped up involuntarily. Why her and not me? Where did I go wrong?! Seeing someone else go through the same situation with the same guy helped me realize it wasn’t my fault. The only thing I did wrong was trust this person, and the freeing thing about mistakes is you only need to make them once… Or two times at the absolute most.  What is your favorite memory from the making of “Sorry Sasha”? My favorite memory is shooting promo footage with my new boyfriend. He got to play the shady ex, which was hilarious. My dog made a cameo as well. It was very affirming to think about how all the trash I endured being with a zero led me to where I am today. I hope somewhere “Sasha” is happy too! What lyric in the song do you want to resonate with listeners the most? "He ain’t no good man/ he just knows how to please ya / don’t let him fool you again/ how many times will he leave ya"

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Seeing the ways people have innovated around the boundaries of quarantine. In particular, the shoot that Rihanna did with Gray Sorrenti for Bazaar where she’s wearing the end racism shirt while taking the trash out. Without this weird crazy situation, we’re all in that legendary photo that may have never existed. Making an everyday task look so effortlessly stylish is truly inspiring. 

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