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Fridaye Pushes His Pen With His Single “Album Of The Year”

Fridaye, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on the Southside started falling in love with R&B at the age of 4 and began singing in 4th grade. He eventually transitioned into rapping and took his music career very seriously, and by the end of 7th grade began working on his debut album “WOAYL” (Wisdom Of A Young Leader). This album discussed the political issues and injustice for African Americans in America. Fridaye began rerouting his image as a rapper and wanted to get away from the political side of things and rebrand himself more as a mainstream artist! He’s currently dropping remixes on different platforms and as the CEO of his own music group titled; “Badd Intention”, he has signed multiple artists from the Chicago music scene in which includes Kofi The Kyd and Deeskee the Demon! Fridaye is expecting to gain notoriety through his label, music, and artists!

Fridaye is taking it back classic with his single “Album Of The Year” ! This traditional hip-hop record had elements of transporting rap with legendary old school vibes within the track. The tough lyricism was delivered with a raw energy and floated between an aggressive and laid-back approach. Many rappers nowadays can’t hold the attention of a listener if you strip away the hard-hitting beat. Why? Simply because not many rappers aren’t that great of lyricists! However, Fridaye is proving that you can push your pen and still be a ground-breaking success.

“Album Of The Year” had me flowing with the vibe of the song while enjoying the next punchline from Fridaye. What I loved the most was the closing of the song. It was like a bold knockout to let you know whose coming for the crown. He says, “lookout, I got an album of the way”, this whimsical ending adds a charismatic appeal to the title of the record, ironically complementing each other. “Album Of The Year” was a nice offering from the next lyrical great of hip-hop and we can’t see what’s next from him.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Fridaye! Your artist name is pretty cool! What was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much. The inspiration of the name Fridaye came from my inspiration of rnb singers Marvin Gaye and Lucky Daye. People have described my music to have a laid back style to it. Plus I was always the laid back dude in my crew, but pass me the mic u will see a whole different side of me.

While listening to your single “Album Of The Year” we noticed some nice old school hip-hop in your delivery! Who are some of your influences?

Well I mostly listen to R&B music such as again Marvin Gaye lucky daye Charlie Wilson, Howard Jewett, James inagram and many more. But were molded me into the hip-hop and rap figure that I am I would have to say J. Cole Kendrick Lamar KRS one Rakim Biggie and there are a couple more that I’m Leavin off the list but those are just some major people who influenced me.

Tell us about this record! What’s the message you hope the listeners gain from listening?

To be honest I’m hoping that people will just get to know me as an artist from my word play husky flow delivery, I just feel like it would be good to hear a different voice in the rap industry talking about something more positive. I most definitely want the fans and even people who are just hearing me for the first time to realize that I’m bringing back real hip-hop.

What all can we expect from your album “Wisdom Of A Young Leader”?

LOL that album actually was released back on SoundCloud in 2016 what you could expect From that album and old-school fillet of the 90s hip-hop from pioneers like Tupac biggie Heavy D etc. But I am currently working on a new project call nothing last forever collections And you can expect from this a mixed genre of R&B and hip-hop it will be a mix of old-school and new school there’s a lot of artist that are doing the same style but The style I have I will say is more mature I’m hoping to get this out by the end of the year but until then I’ll just keep dropping remixes and eventually some original music.

What’s next for you Fridaye?

Well I have my own independent label that I am running which is called BADD Intentions music group I have myself and two other artists on this label I’m working to help them get themselves out there while I’m also trying to get myself notoriety but like I said the next move for me is I will be trying to drop nothing last forever collections and a bunch of remixes and you also be here in a lot more music from my artist that I just signed.


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