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Interview: FriendlyBear Opens Up About Their New EP, 'Bears'

Your new single "Love Bluff" from your latest EP 'Bears' is like a blast from a timeless past. What inspired you to bring back this hard-hitting rock music? It's the music we grew up with. We took the songs that inspired us and stayed true to our roots. It’s not about what sells; it’s about what inspired us to be who we are. Who wouldn’t want to keep the most nostalgic time of their lives going strong? For us, it’s the '90s. Can you tell your fans and our readers about your 'Bears' EP release show that was set to happen on March 17 at the iconic LA venue the Hi-Hat? We're super excited about it, too. Unfortunately, in the past few days, we’ve all been blindsided by mass venue closures to slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re extremely grateful to the Hi-Hat for working with us right up until the end to try to make this EP release show happen, but we all had to accept the fact that public safety is far more important than our love of gathering in small, crowded rooms. For now, we're working on a way to bring our EP release show to the Internet before the month is out. Keep an eye on our socials for more info on where and when you can tune in for that. And until then, you can listen to the EP on March 17 and blast it. One way or another, we'll bring the feedback to you. No risk is necessary.

What can new fans expect from your live performance, FriendlyBear? We deliver a high-energy performance, full of distortion and noise and hair flying everywhere. We’re just three friends having a great time, in the hopes that everyone listening will have a great time with us.  You all live and work in the city of dreams. How does living in Los Angeles affect the music you create? We’re very fortunate to live in a city full of music venues, big and small, and people who appreciate seeing live music. It’s great to be able to catch a wide variety of performances on any given night, under regular circumstances. Los Angeles is diverse, so we are blessed with inspiration from all over the globe. 

Stream the 'Bears' EP by FriendlyBear here.

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