Fritz Michel Embraces the Moment with, "Look Out (Botticelli Girl)"

Born in France and based in NYC, the singer-songwriter, pop-rock artist, and actor Fritz Michel releases a highly reflective and conceptual single, "Look Out (Botticelli Girl)."

An entertainment entrepreneur at heart, Fritz Michel graduated from Yale with a degree in History, then later entered the NYC theater scene, landing him on Broadway's revival of "Inherit the Wind." After moving to LA and finding various high-profile TV and Film projects, Fritz Michel later moved back home to NYC and got back on stage with further success.

Now releasing his introspective and appreciative single, "Look Out (Botticelli Girl)," Fritz Michel and producer/guitarist Tosh Sheridan offer an incredibly placid and mellow groove, inducing a bounty of reflection on any listener. "The goal is to try and make sense of those experiences, both good and bad. We've all had moments that we cherish, and in essence, this song is about being able to define them and not let them pass by unnoticed," says Michel.

Listening to "Look Out (Botticelli Girl)," the song opens with a twangy electric guitar and a soothing acoustic guitar. As Fritz Michel begins singing with his warm and melodic vocals, he later paints beautiful images with his lyricism that takes us straight down to the beach with our feet in the sand. The instrumentation is incredibly lush and warm, truly letting us bask in the warmth and tenderness of the entire listening experience.

We truly appreciate the genuine lyrical theme of this single, as Fritz Michel reflects on lyrics that encourage listeners to realize that every moment offers a truly special experience. As we make our way to the outro, Fritz Michel continues his soothing performance while closing the song off with vast heart and passion.