From Canada To Los Angeles, Meet the Woman Who is Causing a Stir In Pop Music

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Maggie Szabo has launched her career as a pop artist in Los Angeles, California. Maggie is best known for her determination to stand up for what she believes in. This budding artist uses her platform to address real-world issues including human rights, equality, and self-love. She uses her own experiences of inequality and her journey towards self-love as fuel for her passionate music. 

Maggies’ listeners will have no trouble connecting with her stories and will come out feeling motivated and inspired. Fans are not only captivated by her strong will but her authentic artistic talent. Maggie Szabo pairs her youthful vocals with catchy, anthemic melodies to hook her listeners. Her goal is to combine the vulnerable lyrics with powerful and fierce music production to truly connect with the emotions of her fans. Maggie uses her electronic music production to put a spotlight on her powerful vocals, in order for her valuable messages to take the front stage.

Discover “Back Where We Started” here.


Hi Maggie Szabo, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving how conceptual your song “Back Where We Started” is. Could you share what your songwriting process looked like when finding lyrics for how you felt?

I wrote this song at the beginning of my journey towards really focusing on self-love, positivity, and personal empowerment. The song is about just not being able to get away from something you know isn’t good for you. The writing process always changes from song to song, but this one definitely started out with a feeling and a conceptual direction. Once we started playing around with some chords, the lyrics and melodies just started happening.

Within the single “Back Where We Started”, the exciting pop/electronic production takes us on a ride and effortlessly keeps our undivided attention. What atmosphere did you want to provide through the song’s production, what did you want your listeners to feel?

The lyrics are very vulnerable, but the production is more powerful and fierce. I wanted the production to represent how strong and powerful our feelings can be when we’re going through something like this. I really wanted listeners to feel the energy from the music even though the lyrics are coming from a more emotional place.

Speaking to your discography, we’ve noticed you love collaborating with notable DJ’s/producers who let your vocals stand strong and clear. What led you to this path of singing over many hi-fi electronic tracks?

I started out singing very organic pop, and DJs started reaching out to me asking if they could use my vocals for their tracks. It was definitely new to me at first, but I really started to enjoy the process and it was giving me an opportunity to experiment with different styles of music I wasn’t working with at the time. It also gave me the chance to reach a new fan base. The fun part is that I’m still able to write the melodies and lyrics that always felt natural to me, but just over a different production. Also, health and fitness are a super important part of my life so it’s also great creating music that the fitness community can workout to.

We’ve heard that you’ve gotten your music on a variety of TV networks and magazines/blogs. Why do you think so many people are attracted to your sound and messages? Does Maggie Szabo stand with certain morals or goals that intrigue a broader fanbase?

My goal is always to write lyrics that are very honest that people can relate to, and I love writing music that empowers and lifts people up. There’s definitely a lot of emotion that comes out in my writing and that’s something that has opened up a lot of doors for me when it comes to film, TV, and blogs.

What can fans expect to hear next from you next, Maggie?

I have a new single called, “I Don’t Need You” coming out on June 12th that I’m very excited for. There will be a music video and I’m also performing for Santa Monica Pride’s online festival on June 20. Lots to come (and definitely more music)! I can’t wait to share it all with you!