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From His Mixtape 'Brown Boy With Self Love,' Galactico Brings Us "Michoacano"

Christian Martinez, also known as Galactico, is an educator and poet born in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico. Migrating to Oakland, California, in 1999 with his family to pursue a better future, growing up in East Oakland profoundly influenced his desire to elevate in the community.

Upon witnessing and experiencing the social and educational inequities firsthand and wanting to contribute to leveling the playing field for communities of color, Galactico developed a passion for music, recording, and producing, all while fostering a drive to succeed.

Returning with his seemingly eclectic flair for navigating through verses in a breezy manner, Galactico provides us with his latest single, "Michoacano." Laying down hard-hitting vocals that leave an impact on our mind, there's a protruding sense of confidence that comes sliding off of the lyrical finessed Galactico conveys. Using witty quips and extensive wordplay in both Spanish and English to deliver bars that have you running the track back to replay what you just took in, all the signs of an authentic emcee are written in stone.

The instrumentation adds a buoyant seasoning to the simmering vibes soaking in your speakers. "Michoacano" is the type of record that you play when looking to get that boost of self-assured poise to carry you through the day and rub off on others. With wording such as 'I got game East Bay. Call me poetic justice. All I need is Janet,' there's no denying the inimitable zest that Galactico sprinkles onto his compositions one record at a time.

Leaving us with a custom blend of sonic seasoning, it's rather apparent that Galactico is excelling at his artistry as he spreads his talents to the world before him. Hard at work producing a signature sound custom to her, Toronto-based artist Desarae Dee continues to bring forth her message of originality and acceptance.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Galactico! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Michoacano." With such a heavy-hitting delivery, what moment or story inspired this record?

The story that inspired this record is my recent journey around love (relationships). Falling in love with vibes, energy but also tried to understand what love looks like for me. A person who came from a different country just trying to survive. Is love even a real option nowadays?

What inspires the witty and eclectic lyrics that you bring forth? What came first; rapping in Spanish or English?

The inspiration of the witty and eclectic lyrics comes from understanding the duality of growing up in understanding two languages, code-switching between cultures (growing in Michoacan, Mexico, and Oakland, CA and combining them with a hyphy sound (Oakland culture)

What message would you like your audience to take away from this song? Do your songs tend to sway to these themes?

The message I would like people to take from this song is that you have to fall in love with yourself before diving into a fast relationship that can end up being toxic and hurting other people. Nowadays relationships come and go so fast. At times we tend to seek connection so fast that we ignore the red flags.

How does it feel to have your work being so well received by your audience? Did you ever imagine it at this caliber?

I honestly started to make music when I was 17 to cope with my anger and anxiety. Eventually, rhymes became so easy for me and now I love creating punchlines that people can relate to. Hearing and seeing people vibe to my music /words is a dream come true. I never thought that I could empower and create change via poetry. I feel like this is not my final form.


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