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From Mumbai to Worldwide, Ashish Paul Releases New Hit "I Need You"

Soft, soulful lyrics cascade upon you as you press play on Ashish Paul's latest release, "I Need You." Dreamy auras are scattered throughout the track that elevates Paul's performance to divine proportions. This 17-year-old from Mumbai, India, is steadily gaining attention to his craft, burning up the eastern music scene. Immersing himself in his local music community, Ashish Paul is focusing on exploring untouched avenues to further is musical sound.

"I Need You" is a heavy pop ballad that incorporates ticking percussion, wailing guitars, and a melodic piano that perfectly complements Ashish Paul's sonorous voice. His honest and heartbreaking lyrics bring on an exhibition of one's broken heart to life. The ghostly chorus puts the pain into perspective as Paul harmoniously sings: "There's a hole in my heart, and a piece of my soul is missing." The postmortem of a past relationship has been so eloquently depicted in "I Need You" lyrics. As the rolling rhythm carries the song along, Ashish Paul's soulful voice is front and center, focused in a place of vulnerability and intimacy. His ability to roll over various pitches is seamless and gives another level of complexity to his lyrical composition. Do not miss the chance to discover this young and talented musician Ashish Paul. Discover "I Need You" here.

Hello Ashish, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We are blown away by your musical talent, and even more so by your age! At 17 years old you have accomplished an expertly produced product with "I Need You." Can you tell us a bit more about the song and the process you underwent creating it?

Thank You so much BuzzMusic. Whenever I start a song, I usually do not have a direction or any vibe to begin with. I just sit in front of my keyboard and come up with ideas and this song was no different. I like to use a lot of vocal elements in my productions and so the first thing I came up with was the lead which is just me singing with a synth as a backing. The melody of the verse just popped right up as it served as a secondary to the lead. With this beginning, a rough picture of how I imagined the song to be was created and I used that to reach the final product. As I mentioned earlier, I like using vocal elements a lot and I overdid it in this song. There is a beatbox that acts as a backbone to the drums, other than that, the pads, the lead, and even the bass was created using my voice.

"I Need You" is a very emotional song about the loss of love. Where did you draw inspiration from when for creating this piece?

The Post-Chorus lyric ‘I Need You’ was the first lyric that I wrote for the song which is a concept that many people relate and connect to. The loss of love is not uncommon and happens to many. I tried to bring out the emotions of that loss lyrically with a melody that is powerful and brings that emotion out. ‘I look back and see what a fool I was, but this fool still wants you despite the pain you caused.’- People often say how they should not have been with a certain someone and yet have a desire to want them, even after everything. These things that I have heard and seen served as the inspiration behind the song.

You mentioned that you are immersing yourself within the music community. What has that willingness to collaborate with other artists brought to your art?

For one to evolve continuously in music, one must immerse themselves within this huge community and learn as much as possible from fellow musicians. As I am self-taught, my main way of learning and gaining knowledge of music is by talking to other musicians, observing their techniques and methods, and better my understanding. I believe collaborating with other artists brings a whole new thinking, direction, and vibe to the song. Together, you could probably come up with a better groove or a melody or a hook and make the song sound much better than you previously imagined.

What genres of music are you most in tune with that you feel influences your art the most?

I feel that my style mainly revolves around Pop, however, I have and do try to incorporate other genres too. I have been trying to bring a bit of R&B vibe to my other productions. As an Indian who also sings Indian music, bringing an Indian influence in at least one of my songs is also something I want to do. Other than that, I also make Hip-Hop beats for rappers.

What will you be working on next, Ashish?

I do have many songs almost ready and waiting to be released. I cannot say a definite date yet, but you can sure expect a whole lot of great music coming your way from my side. Other than that, I keep uploading covers, so the music never stops. The covers too are available for streaming on all streaming platforms.



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