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Frozen Inertia Genre-Bends To Perfection In New Single, “What Is This?” Feat. Charlie Blu

Frozen Inertia is the Indie experimental Rock band you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Hailing from Oakland, California, and Akron, Ohio, this genre-mixing group is comprised of members Timothy Graves (guitar, bass, synths, vocals), Brad Palmer (drums, keys), and Ryan Anderson (guitars, bass). They’ve gained traction over the years having been featured on countless radio stations, playlists, indie films, and even on BBC Radio 6 in the UK.

Frozen Inertia has managed to craft a unique and engaging sound that can be heard on their latest full-length album “After the Circus”, infusing aspects of rock, jazz, classical, and electronic music into their captivating tracks.

Now, we’ll take a deeper look into the single, “What Is This?”, featured on the album, 'After the Circus.' The song opens up with a pulsing guitar line, followed quickly by an infectious drum groove and Graves’ smooth, compelling vocals. The vocals are forefront in the mix, enticing us in with a feeling that Graves is speaking directly to the listener, lulling us into a trance. As "What Is This?" drives forward we are immersed in a full-bodied soundscape.

Frozen Inertia has filled the soundscape of “What Is This?” with vibrant horns, enticing percussive lines, and an overall groove that is truly captivating. You can’t help but fall in love with the light, easy-going feeling they’ve created with this track. Despite this feeling, “What Is This?” still manages to offer variety and complexity in its delivery.

Lead Singer Timothy Graves’ vocals pair wonderfully with guest vocalist Charlie Blu. Charlie’s vocals shine through the track, blending into the lush soundscape created by Frozen Inertia. Charlie’s stacked harmonies in the bridge soothe us into a trance-like state, bouncing perfectly off Graves’ vocal performance.

Frozen Inertia has managed to create an exciting and engaging track, infused with elements of experimental rock and jazz that will only leave you wanting more.

Check out Frozen Inertia’s compelling new song, “What Is This?”, off of their latest album “After the Circus” today, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Frozen Inertia, and congratulations on your latest single, “What Is This?.” Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track and the process of writing it?

Thank you so much and really happy you like the track! Musically, it all started with a bit of a jazz scale on the organ and a guitar riff. Then the band began our usual long-distance collaboration; trading musical ideas between myself (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Brad (drums), and Ryan (Bass) back and forth from Oakland, California & Akron, Ohio. From a lyrical perspective, the inspiration originated from the last episode of the latest Twin Peaks series - not to give away too much, but the last sentence of the show was “What year is this?” and that resonated with me, especially in 2020, and from there all the other lyrics sort of fell into place.

We love the contrast of jazz vocalist Charlie Blu on the track and how well your vocals blend together. What was your experience like collaborating with Charlie Blu on the “What Is This?”

She was fantastic to work with! In addition to having the perfect voice for the song, she emotionally connected with the lyrics, which really helped bring the vocals to life. She recorded her vocals in Chicago, which is actually where I lived for 10 years, so even though it was a long distance, there was still a close connection.

How do songs like “What Is This?” represent you and help us get to know you better as a band? What impact do you hope to make with songs like this?

Our style is fairly eclectic - mixing influences from rock, jazz, and electronic music together. On our albums, it’s not unusual for one song to take a very different direction than the one that precedes it, but as a collection on an album, they still work together, hopefully taking listeners on a cinematic listening journey as it progresses. Personally, that’s an attribute I love when listening to music from my favorite artists, and hopefully, that quality comes across in what we create.

What sort of atmosphere and feeling did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in the song? Who helped bring the sonics to life?

Again, as mentioned above, I hope it takes the listener on a journey and hopefully an uplifting one by the time it reaches the end. Regarding the sonics, two things really helped to finalize the song, one was the addition of the amazing trumpets from Chad Bell, which was our first time integrating horns. The second was we were really lucky to work with Dan Duszynski (Loma, Shearwater) to finalize the mix, he brought out the dynamics and made the song really explode into the chorus and the triumphant ending.

What's next for Frozen Inertia?

Even though we just released this album, we’re all really eager to create some new songs. Ryan just sent me some new recordings, and I just got a Baritone Guitar, which I think will also bring out some exciting new ideas.

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