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FSG Rell Releases Fire Single Featuring Artist Dahlia

From a small town called Pottstown, Pennsylvania hails the rapper, the clothing ambassador and the young entrepreneur, FSG Rell. A well experienced rapper, FSG Rell has been in the game ever since the young age of 14, and his fans describes him as a unique artist with a gritty background and an up-tempo flow. With the ability to rap and sing on ANY type of beat or instrumental, FSG Rell is your new coming multifaceted icon who can potentially cross genres if he chose to.  His newest release titled “Fed Up” featuring Dahlia, is your perfect vibe song with a love-bop melody and relatable lyricism we can find ourselves connecting with. “Just me myself and I, I'm a ride or die, I'm my Bonnie and Clyde”. What I took from this verse by Dahlia is that she’s discussing her inner strength and independency she has. Dahlia's trendy and contemporary R&B sound helps set the aura for FSG Rell's “Fed Up”, reminding me of the likes of Queen Najia due to their similarities in curating hit melodic hooks. FSG Rell's witty verse comes in with scrumptious wordplay and a consistently fluent flow where he doesn’t miss a single beat. All the hype his community and fan base has built around FSG Rell most definitely proved to be accurate when he did nothing less than shock us with his exquisite caliber of rapping.

Don't miss out on FSG Rell's "Fed Up" and add it to your Spotify playlist.

Check out the artists personalized interview below where he shares the meaning behind his latest track, as well as the collaboration process with artist Dahlia!


FSG Rell, great to chat with you! Do you recall the first song you ever written and what was it about?

Thank you, it’s a pleasure to chat. Yes the first song I ever written was a remix to Usher & Ashanti’s song “My Boo”. I was writing about how I felt about a female , expressing my feelings to her trying to win her back. 

What encouraged you to collaborate with Dalilah on your latest single?

What encouraged me to collaborate with Dahlia on this single was that I knew we were both from the same city(Pottstown,PA), recognized her talent, and her being a good all-around person is what made me collar with her. I’ve met her a couple times before we did this song and it was always good vibes so in my head, it was a no-brainer. I think the more people you work with the better.

Tell us a little bit about this single “Fed Up” and what’s the meaning behind the song?

Fed up is a collaboration between Dahlia and I. It’s a catchy, but meaningful song about a romance between a man and a woman. Dahlia sets the tone of the song describing a woman’s perspective being fed up with their man. Then I come in saying from the mans perspective how she doesn’t need to go anywhere and that being with me still will have many good times. 

Who wrote “Fed Up”? Did the both of you create your own verses?

We both wrote our own lyrics, that’s something that we are both very proud of me. Creating your own lyrics help you put not only energy, but style into what you’re recording. Energy and style are two very important components in our song. 

What's next for FSG through 2019?

What’s next for FSG is dropping fire songs as well as fire visuals, it’s time for FSG to take that next step and become mainstream. My manager, my team, and myself feel as if we have a great plan moving forward. That will propel us to bigger and better things.


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