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Fuel Your Inner Fire with Gerald B's Latest EP, 'You Know the Vibes'

From Muncie to Los Angeles, the thriving up-and-coming hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Gerald B allows us to get to know his many creative ways through a dynamic EP entitled 'You Know the Vibes.'

After making the move to Los Angeles, Gerald B felt compelled to hone in on his craft while introducing listeners to the new and improved Gerald B. Teaming up with a hungry engineer/producer helped Gerald B navigate his recent sound as he prepared to release his latest EP, 'You Know the Vibes.'

Expanding on the EP, 'You Know The Vibes,' Gerald B mentioned that the project is a culmination of his hard work, dedication, and artistic progression while also touching on his current feelings towards friends, life, and loved ones. The project opens with the intro track, "Welcome to the Vibes," which sets the project's tone with Gerald B's exciting and confident performance while expanding on the positive vibes he surrounds himself with.

Moving into "My Moves," this track offers a more introspective and reflective feel, especially through the laidback guitar-driven hip-hop beat and Gerald B's smooth and alluring performance. Bouncing into the next track, "By Design," Gerald B and his producer offer a heated sonic atmosphere that leaves the listener bopping their heads from beginning to end. As Gerald B expands on never letting the negativity get to him, he truly offers a dominant performance while enlightening listeners on his continuous money moves.

Jumping into "Big Boy Moves," Gerald B offers similar energy as the track prior, yet he brings listeners into another dominant performance while touching on his evolving artistry that lands him various opportunities to move onward and upward. Drifting into the next tune, "Double Chain," Gerald B's producer truly knows his way around creating a sonic vibe, as his punchy production perfectly enhances Gerald B's vibrant performance as he elaborates on his upbringing and being grateful for the fast-paced lifestyle he lives today.

Through the next track, "Ran It Up," Gerald B rides the song's downtempo and r&b-infused beat while reminding us to stay on our grind and work for what we desire. We can't help but feel a similar vibe to 6LACK through this song's heavily reflective feel and Gerald B's incredibly melodic and warm vocals. Landing on the last track of the project, "M Town," Gerald B pays tribute to his roots while reminding us of the power of manifestation and basking in the glory of all that he's graciously received. Not to mention the heated and crisp production, this song truly stands out as the perfect outro track as Gerald B expands on the many people, places, and things that have led him to become so successful and artistically determined.

We're thoroughly impressed with the overall concept of this EP, as Gerald B and his talented producer sonically and lyrically remind us to stay positive and reach for the stars that were meant to be ours. Find Gerald B's latest EP, 'You Know the Vibes,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Gerald B, and congratulations on the release of your recent thorough EP, 'You Know the Vibes.' When did you begin writing ideas and bars for this EP? How long was the project's entire process?

Thank you so much. I began recording with Mateo in March. I didn't really plan anything out. I just record a lot of music in a 2-month span and chose to pick out the top 7-10 tracks to put together an EP. The EP really came out of nowhere. One day we were in the studio and he said "aye we have a good amount of songs recorded. You tryna put of an EP or something?" I said "Let's do it"

What inspired you to create the overall EP, 'You Know the Vibes?' What compelled you to create a project based on your current stance in life?

Just everyday life. The ups and downs. Being aware and proud of my accomplishments no matter how big or small. Understanding to have fun and enjoy the ride. It's a journey. And through it all, I still remain myself. Humble and hungry for what's next. Just wanting to create a lane for me and being different.

Which producer/engineer did you team up with for your EP 'You Know the Vibes?' What was your collaborative experience like when working alongside him and his production stylings?

I linked up with my guy Mateo The Artisan for this project. He's originally from Atlanta, GA, and moved to Los Angeles as well. The first day we linked, it was magic. We just felt comfortable in the studio together. He gave his critiques and input, we bounced ideas, and I feel we were able to capture a great sound/EP through it all. We clicked and I'm excited for what's to come.

Which track within 'You Know the Vibes' was the most fun to create? Was there a particular track within the project that you were most excited about?

I really enjoyed making Big Boy Moves. It was just a great week in general. My brother, whom I started this journey with, got to fly out and just be here. It felt good. It felt like old times from when we used to record in the basement and in my closet. To see it come full circle and to experience the times we used to talk/dream about was pretty cool. I'm excited to see the response from that song just off energy alone.

If we were to take a listen to your previous EP's, would we be able to hear and track your artistic growth along the way? How is 'You Know the Vibes' different from your previous projects?

It's just different because of time, in general. I can definitely hear a difference. I can hear the difference all around. Cadence, flow, energy, creativity, melodies, etc. But mostly, I can hear the difference in my confidence now. The growth. And that's key for me. Being confident and believing in myself allowed me to create a style that's best for me. It helped me find my niche. And I still believe there's a lot more to unlock.


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