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Fueled With Soul and Passion, Caterina J Shares a Piece of Herself on Lates Release, "Blazing Stars"

Brooklyn-based, Soul-infused, Caterina J was raised in the country of Chile and began her musical expedition at her grandmother’s piano at the young age of 7 years old. Inspired by great Chilean writers like Violeta Parra, Isabel Allende, and Pablo Neruda, Caterina J initiated the songwriting sector of her journey by using these greats as her muse. Caterina J has released not only her first English single, “Blazing Stars,” but the second official single off of her forthcoming bilingual EP, ‘Reborn,’ set to be released on January 11th, 2021.

Recorded at Plaid Dog Recording Studio in Boston with producer extraordinaire Mike Davidson, ‘Reborn’ is filled with a similar eclectic nuance and exotic mystery as some of her inspiration, as it weaves through a fascinating thread of Classic Rock, 90’s Alternative, and Latin Jazz. Through enticing instrumentation filled with tight drum patterns, lush guitar chords and a rhythm fueled bassline, “Blazing Stars,” has an intoxicating and mellow radiance that puts you deep into a trance. As you get lost within the enthralling soundscape that pulls you under waves of cadence, Caterina J is truly the cherry on top as she drizzles the luxurious reverberations of her vocals upon the song's cosmic transmission. The way in which she expresses the inner thoughts of her mind in an abstract storytelling method has us following along to each melody she sheds. Taking this record to a colossal aptitude, the atmospheric resonance immersed in her messaging has us singing along to the sweet sounds of, “dancing in the dark, you and me we’re like blazing stars.” Caterina J’s ability to have us sink into our seats as she transports our minds to atmospheres across the galaxy is quite remarkable. The brilliance exuded in the composition that is “Blazing Stars,” has us submerged in the world of Caterina J and we don’t want to leave. The glorious execution behind each perfectly placed sonic puzzle piece has us anticipating the release of her forthcoming album, ‘Reborn.’



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