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Fun-Spirited Rock n' Roll Band One Way Ride Has Released "What We Need"

An eclectic rock n' roll band "One Way Ride" is coming up our radar! Based in Denver, Colorado, the band provides a soulful and jazzy approach to their musical offerings, detailing songs that sound almost part of an entirely new category of music. One Way Ride provides a full-body experience with their music. More specifically, they create music that is crazy and unique in the best way possible! Bubbly and vivacious, heavy and aggressive, One Way Ride is intriguing in all aspects possible when it comes to the genre they uphold in their music. Their energy will undoubtedly catch your attention. Their authenticity will keep your attention. The band is transforming their category--we could even say they're creating a whole new one! We love their chaotic and fun sound, and we can't wait to reveal their latest track off of album "Tight Pants": "What We Need"!

It's an understatement to say that "What We Need" is a unique take on jazz/soul/rock n' roll. One Way Rideare showcasing their bold side with the type of music they produce, and "What We Need" is no exception! Hard-hitting at some parts with the integration of both trumpet and electric elements, but soulful at other points throughout the song with the vocalism. "What We Need" is worth checking out, almost definitively because of the contemporary sound One Way Ride can produce. We can only imagine the energy in their performances, and most distinctly in the crowd! We feel that One Way Ride is the type of band you need to associate your playlist with if you want to get your blood rushing and your body moving! It's safe to say that we had an exciting experience listening to "What We Need" and the robust atmosphere created a feel-good vibe.

Feel energetic with One Way Ride's "What We Need" here.

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