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Funkraum Highlights Desire With Her Recent Single, "Meet Me When This Is All Over"

The Los Angeles-based Alternative Artist and Singer/Songwriter Funkraum releases a desirous and intoxicating single with "Meet Me When This Is All Over," off her recent EP, "Sam Rothstein."

Using inspirations from classic films while romanticizing the city of Las Vegas through her dramatic and cinematic music, Funkraum offers a sound that's sweetly reminiscent of The Strokes and The Killers. Through her recent EP, 'Sam Rothstein,' Funkraum takes listeners on an emotional journey through love, loss, and desire. This can be heard through the EP's highlight track, "Meet Me When This Is All Over."

The single offers listeners a sweet 3-minute journey into past bangers through Funkraums nostalgic instrumentals that exude an early 00s appeal. While singing of the darkness that's overcome her and the rest of the world, Funkraum offers highly relatable lyricism by wishing to reunite with someone dear once we're among the calm after the storm. Through blissful instrumentation and a heartfelt message, Funkraum is offering her whole heart with this hit.

"Meet Me When This Is All Over" begins with distant electric guitar melodies and warm percussion patterns, drifting the song into the late 90s/early 00s space. As Funkraum begins singing with her tender and passionate vocals, she begins to paint clear and emotional images of watching her relationship shatter to pieces merely due to their distance.

While Funkraum continues to appear highly unphased by distance, we begin to realize the emotion that the song must have been created with, seeing as their love was torn apart simply due to the world's circumstances.

Ending the song off with the same heartfelt and nostalgic instrumentals, we genuinely adore what Funkraum has done with her single "Meet Me When This Is All Over," as she delivers immense heart and emotion for us to relate.

We love the emotion you've infused into your single, "Meet Me When This Is All Over." What did your songwriting process look like when writing from such an emotional and vulnerable place? Was it challenging?

Being vulnerable in any context is incredibly difficult. The process is a push and a pull. I would sometimes say something out loud to myself and think it was too much, too strong, too whatever. But, I was listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse and Nirvana at the time. They really gave me the courage to just say whatever it was I was thinking. Not to think about how people would think of me when I’d say what I had to say. That was really scary for me. But, they made me not care.

How did you infuse your single "Meet Me When This Is All Over" with this irresistible 90s/00s instrumental appeal? What was your sonic creative process like when creating your instrumentals?

If it wasn’t for The Strokes or The Killers, I wouldn’t have any direction to head into when writing music. My co-writer Mario Valdizon understood this. He knew the guitars had to be rhythmic, and a synth had to be used somehow. We’d listen to songs by these artists and many we admired from the early 2000s and used that as an outline and thought about how we could make it our own. With music, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to dress it up how you want and people will like it.

Why did you choose Las Vegas as the inspiration for this project?

Las Vegas has always been an inspiration to me. Ever since I was young. Growing up in Los Angles, Vegas was always the family trip. And, the car ride there was where I began my relationship with music. Music was playing the entire 4 hours, with no cellphones interrupting like how they can now, it was pure. I guess I’ve always associated music with that. It's the most outrageous spectacle in the music of what can sometimes look like a suburb. When you’re on the strip, it's hard to remember that less than a mile away from that 7mile street of chaos is regular hard-working people, living a life. There’s something so incredible about that. When staying in Vegas, remember the people who are making sure your stay is the most incredible weekend of your life, is there a way to make a living. Be loving and kind. They’re incredible and humans, you’ll fall for one like I did.

How does your single "Meet Me When This Is All Over" fit into your overall EP, "Sam Rothstein"? What role does this single play within the project?

It's a fight for someone to try harder for you. I was basically persuading someone to give me a chance and to stop being so afraid or not be so intimidated by a challenge. When you have something special with someone, you just want them to fight for you as you care for them. But when they’re being difficult you just wanna tell them to talk to you when they’re done being difficult. It's me on the verge of giving up, and fighting not to do so. It the moment of the album where I was fighting not to give up.

You've mentioned that your EP "Sam Rothstein" surrounds themes of love, loss, and longing. Did you have any help from other Producers or creators when bringing your vision to life, lyrically, or sonically?

Had so much help from Mario Valdizon my co-writer and Steve Ornest my producer. Making sure it musically always sounded like the listener could reach for something and feel defeated. The feeling of an abrupt ending, how much of a slap in the face that could feel, and not wanting to stop trying. I owe them everything for making this possible. They are incredible songwriters, producers, and musicians.

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