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Funky New Track “Rock Steady” By Emcee Monte Will Get You up And Dancing

“Rock Steady” is a funky new genre-bending single by Emcee Monte. He flawlessly blends old school funk with contemporary hip-hop and precise rhymes. The melody and rhythm has us instantly addicted to this catchy new single. “Rock Steady” is a motivational anthem that sets Emcee Monte apart in the music industry in a big way. He lets the listener see his inner thoughts and feelings from a new perspective. It’s admirable for an artist to be able to let his listeners connect with him on a personal level. I think “Rock Steady” is a track that everyone can vibe and relate to. I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for Emcee Monte and his future musical endeavors. 

Emcee Monte is a talented MC, producer, DJ, songwriter, rapper and lyricst. A well rounded entertainer from the south side of Chicago. He is one of Chicago's finest underground MCs. Known for his versatile rhyming powerful, positive messages, Emcee Monte delivers a phenomenal performance. He fuses the style and flare of new school and retro funk to create authentic and original tracks. With his beat making ability, funky fresh rhymes and dance skills, Emcee Monte is a triple threat. His stage presence, superstar quality, and high energy deliver an unforgettable performance! 

Check out “Rock Steady” here and read our exclusive interview with Emcee Monte below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you know you wanted to start making music?

My name is Monternez "Emcee Monte" Rezell. I am from the south side of Chicago. I am a hip hop artist that loves to create and make art that will have a positive influence on the world! Growing up singing and dancing with my mom and brothers around the house, listening to the music my mom played and rapping all my favorite rap songs as a kid was the spark that lit my musical fire.

“Rock Steady” is a dope track! What inspired it? Can you dive into more detail about the lyrics?

Rock Steady was inspired by the passing of my grandmother and the legacy of Aretha Franklin. My grandmother was an amazing singer, she sounded just like Aretha Franklin when she sang. She passed away 3 days before her birthday and it inspired me to write a song that would serve as therapy to me and other people that may need it. Music is therapy, dance is therapy, the song "Rock Steady" encourages listeners to keep moving forward, to keep dancing, shake off the bad times and to fight when life is rough. Aretha passed 1 week after my grandmother and to me, that was a sign to honor them both.

The lyrics "Feet to the floor, head to the sky/ sometimes you gotta dance just to get by" encourages listeners to keep their head up when times are hard and that sometimes to have to release by dancing. "something ain't going right, shake it off to the treble"

"When your head is not clear cuz times get heavy/ rock beats rock floors rock rhymes like rock steady" encourages listeners to find solitude in hip hop. Hip Hop has kept me on a straight path in my ways. "rock beats" refers to making beats as a producer or playing beats as a DJ. It can also refer to dancing, top rocking to the beat. "Rock rhymes" refers to rapping. Rapping and writing songs can help to express the pain you heal and release it in a positive way. "Rock Floors" refers to dancing on the dance floor, I breakdance to express and release and explore and have fun.

"This is dedicated to the Queen of Soul" aka Aretha Franklin. "This is dedicated to my grandmother...I'm sad to saty that she passed away, just 3 days before her birthday" is the line that tells why I wrote this song, what I was dealing with at the time and who it is dedicated to. But, the song is not meant to be sad, it is a celebration and a dedication to two amazing women. "Both had a special gift from the creator? when my grandma sang, she sounded just like Aretha"... Even though loss hurts, I choose to dance and sing and rejoice as I honor the memory of these women.

"Gotta stay strong, you as solid as a rock/ no matter how hard it gets, you can't stop" gets to the underlining message of the song. Times are hard, life is rough and we have to overcome obstacles. We go through trails and tribulations but nothing can break you down, those things are not stronger than you! No mater what, you can not be stopped!

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope that listeners hear my music and are inspired to dance, to think, to create, to live life to the fullest. I hope listeners are encouraged to follow their hearts and live out their dreams. I hope to reach and touch listeners in a positive way and give them hope so no matter what they are going through, they know the light always shines on the other side of darkness.

What’s your writing process like?

My process is very organic. I like to let it flow. I create songs in a few different ways. Sometimes I hear a melody in my head, sometimes I start by beatboxing a drum rhythm and laying that as the foundation to my beat. Other times I have a lyric or chorus in my head and I build the song around that. When I am really in the zone, I can write and produce a song in an hour or less. I work with my turntables, Mashine by Native Instrument, my keyboard, Fruity loops, Protools, and any random objects that I have laying around the house that inspires me. I often pick up objects and play around with them to see if I can record cool sounds or use them as percussion instruments.

Who are your musical influences and how do they inspire you?

Some of my musical influences are Common, who is my favorite MC and a Chicago native. Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Twista, Michael Jackson aka the Greatest! Stevie Wonder. The whole Motown movement, Earth Wind and Fire, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Outkast, Prince, Janelle Monae, Missy Elliot, Lauren Hil, Jill Scott and others. These artists are some of the best artists the world has ever seen and heard. They are not afraid to create and be unique. They are not afraid to make music that challenges the status quo. They are not afraid to make positive music that shines a light on the issues we face and offer solutions to solve them. They are great artist, rappers and singers, amazing songwriters, excellent performers and have changed the world and music as we know if for the better!


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