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G Bae Bae Released Melodic Tune, “Just Like You”

G Bae Bae is a vocalist and producer who hails all the way from Buffalo, New York. He released his latest single titled “Just Like You”, and this joyful pop melody has relatable lyrics with a relaxing vibe to the song. The vocals were highly intricate to me. The complexity layered above the song showed various dynamics fused together at once, blending a harmonically rich sound. The fused together mix of falsetto notes, with a regular chest voice helped project the harmony that had this silk-like texture. The texturized single of “Just Like You” didn’t just stop with the brain seeping melodies, but he gave us a rapidly moving tempo in the delivery of his verses. This showcased his ability to be a multi-faceted artist with the capability of moving between the paces of slow, to medium, to even fast. I think it’s highly important for an artist to know how to project their lyrics clearly even while the delivery may be fast-paced. However, you were able to hear every lyric loud and clear in “Just Like You”. You connect to the music and connect with the artist. In my opinion, “Just Like You” is an inspiring and motivating song that basically means “I’m here for you and we are both similar in many ways” i think the message of the song is what makes this fulfilling for me. Many listeners can find themselves feeling comforted by G bae bae’s lending hand in the music. “Just Like You” has a more upbeat vibe with a mellifluous tone and serene message, and we’re sure many fans will enjoy it!

Check out "Just Like You" now on Spotify, and read along for G Bae Bae's interview with BuzzMusic!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them?

Putting out music that doesn’t suck lol that’s the biggest obstacle. Had a lot of ropes to learn as a DIY artist. This past year has been a little stressful, went through a break up, moved 3 times, changed jobs twice.

Tell us about the single “Just like you”? It’s an upbeat and positive record it seems but what is the context behind it?

It was the first thing I wrote for this project. I wanted to do a more accessible sound, I wrote it about an old relationship.

What inspired you to write this record?

A break up. Ha.

How does the title of “Just Like You” reflect its message?

It’s mostly about how we’re more alike that we are different as people, I compare and contrast some things I went through this past year.

Tell us about this upcoming summer! Do you have any exciting projects approaching?

Some new merch to go a long with a 3 part EP series called THE BREAKUP, THE BREAKDOWN; and THE BREAKTHROUGH.


Stay connected with G Bae Bae through the artists Instagram!


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