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G Flip Cherishes A Love They Don’t Feel They Deserve On Their Gripping Release “Good Enough”

Sometimes, love can be complicated.

For most of the music’s history, bands of legend have followed a rigid yet brilliant formula. Powerhouse drummers, audacious guitar riffs, and charismatic and spellbinding vocals have enthralled audiences for decades.

To buck this trend while still capturing the same level of brilliance and magic is an exceedingly difficult task, but one that Australian pop-rocker G Flip has managed to achieve. An extremely passionate and talented artist in their own right, G Flip’s approach to music sees them being the beatmaker, vocalist, guitarist; you name it, G Flip can do it.

There is something about G-Flip’s music that just feels visceral. Few artists can mystify yet captivate as they can, yet there’s a certain familiarity in their music that speaks to the underlying humanity in all of us. Impassioned vocals, hip-swiveling rhythms, and the mastery and utilization of a broad range of instruments are. Still, it's a fraction of the iconic G-Flip experience, and you must experience it for yourself to understand. Fresh off the release of their highly acclaimed album DRUMMER, this proudly nonbinary artist continues to impress with every release.

“Good Enough,” contrary to its title, is another standout offering in G-Flip’s impressive and expanding discography. “Good Enough” also features a gorgeous video that blends perfectly with the song's feel. Dressed in dark clothes and shades, G Flip’s mournful yet beautiful vocals swell and build as they play a weathered piano.

As the intensity reaches a breaking point, G Flip musically transforms, trading their piano for thunderous drums and trading blues for rock. As night turns to day and back to night again, G Flip sings their heart out and takes your breath away. It’s a powerful release that oozes the brilliance of an artist at the top of their game, and Flip shows no signs of slowing down, either.

“Good Enough” is a powerful and captivating release that will find a cozy home in your pop and pop-rock playlists. Whenever you’re ready to liberate new music, tap in and stream “Good Enough”, available on all majour streaming platforms. Check out G Flip’s excellent new album “DRUMMER” too, also available on all majour streaming platforms.

You knocked it out of the park with “Good Enough.” What a great introduction to DRUMMER! We have to ask, how did you develop “Good Enough” anyway? What was the inspiration behind this release?

“Good Enough” is a song I’ve had for a long time, and it’s gone through many iterations. While writing it, I sat down at the piano and wanted a big ballad-style chorus - I thought, “What would Adele or Lewis Capaldi do?”. I’m a fan of both artists and had never released a belt-y song like that. I made a lot of versions of this song, and when it finally got to where it is now, it became my favorite song on the record. As for the meaning of the song – “Good Enough” is about not feeling good enough for someone you know deserves the world. Sometimes, you love someone but aren’t in the right headspace to love them how they deserve. It’s tricky to admit to yourself and even harder to say out loud.

How did you decide what the music video for “Good Enough” would look like, and what was your favorite part of bringing the vision for this release to life?

I knew I wanted the video to have a darker feel to it and have me and my kit. The song has an upbeat feel but dark lyrics, so I wanted to portray that in the video. I worked with the director, Kyle Caulfield, on the concept, and I love what we made. This video was so fun to shoot. It was probably the coldest I’ve ever been, but drumming in the rain was crazy fun and was always on my bucket list.

What’s been your favorite part of being able to make your music and share it with your fans?

It means everything to me to make music and share it with my fans. I get emotional when I think about my fans and my gratitude for always supporting me. I want to keep making music and making them happy because that makes me happy.

What did you envision for DRUMMER, and give us your favorite tracks off the album and why?

Growing up, I always wished there was a pop album centered around live drums. When I was making DRUMMER, I knew I wanted to make that. I wanted to make an album with only live instruments and no samples or fake sounds from a laptop. I played many live instruments on this album - drums, guitar, piano, glockenspiel, harmonica, etc. Playing live instruments is my favorite, so making this album was fun. I’m proud of how it turned out. I’m proud of the whole album! My favorite song is “The Worst Person Alive.” It’s so fun to play live and is just a banger!

What’s next for G Flip? Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I’m currently on my US tour, which has been awesome! After this, I will make heaps more music and play more shows. I’m so grateful that this is my job, so I can’t wait to give more to the fans. It makes me so happy.

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