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G Major XCLSV Drops a Banger with, "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)"

The Alberta-based producer, DJ, MC, singer-songwriter, and engineer G Major XCLSV teams up with vocalist Miss Benzo for their latest single, "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)."

The Jamaican-born artist promises to leave his audience engaged with each endeavor, especially when it comes to hosting events and opening for staple acts like Rick Ross, Raekwon, and Tyga. Also a dynamic collaborator, G Major XCLSV seeks to bring out the best in every artist he works alongside.

Now teaming up with Miss Benzo for their latest single, "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)," G Major XCLSV drenches our speakers in the modern and contemporary flairs of hip-hop merged with rhythmic production and Miss Benzo's alluring vocal stylings.

Listening to the entire single, "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)," the track opens with a heavy brass sample that's filtered to the gods, also met with a punchy arrangement of drums and G Major XCLSV's haunting vocals. As he begins soaking our speakers in power and confidence through his introductory bars, he later expands on never stopping his grind until that bag comes knocking at his door.

As G Major XCLSV continues riding the beat with the utmost authority and dominance, Miss Benzo later makes her beautiful vocal appearance while reciting her mantras and manifestations that blessed her with bags full of moula. We love the dynamic flairs that Miss Benzo adds to this single, as she leaves us in awe of her mysterious and sultry stylings while preparing us for a hefty outro featuring G Major XCLSV's natural grit and poise.

Douse yourself in confidence with help from G Major XCLSV's latest single, "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, G Major XCLSV. We love the groove and power of your latest single, "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)." When did you begin writing bars for this single? How long was the track in the making?

The idea for this track came about after I made the beat. Essentially I made the beat as part of my weekly beat release schedule for my website, but this one stuck out to me and I started to think of an idea for something that to me was simple, yet substantial in terms of the way it would be performed and received by whoever listened to it. Miss Benzo easily caught the flow and did her thing on it, giving it what I feel completed the song as a whole with her voice and the lyrics she wrote. Once I finished making the beat we probably recorded the track the next day and I sat with it for a few weeks, just not rushing the process and taking my time with the mix and mastering then listening to it every day, through different life scenario's or when I would regularly just play tunes. I basically followed this process for all 5 songs on the "VIBES" (EP) which this single is also a part of, making sure that not just the individual track but the entire body of work sounded right on the studio speakers, as well in everyday life.

What drew you to the smooth stylings of Miss Benzo to feature on your single "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)?" What was your collaborative process like?

Miss Benzo is my partner in crime so anytime I come up with an idea, she gets the first input. When I showed her the idea I came up with for "Through the Windows" I sang it to her with just the hook first (just as it is on the track) and she immediately caught a liking. She started writing and about 10 minutes later she showed me her verse and I was blown away!

Did you create the beat and production for "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)?" Or did you work alongside any other producers during this process?

The beat for the song was made in about 30/40 minutes. I found the sample that I used (heard at the beginning of the track and throughout) on Splice and it automatically drew my attention. I knew I wanted it to knock hard (which is the approach I seek with most of my productions), as well I wanted it to have a unique style and bounce. It definitely reminds me of a hard East Coast (NY Area) type of vibe that an artist from that side of Hip-Hop would cherish, which wasn't necessarily the intent but just want it turned out to be.

How do songs like "Through the Windows (feat. Miss Benzo)" help listeners get to know you and your music better? Do you usually release such poised, confident, and dominant tracks like this?

My releases have always set out to be impactful in some way or another. Whether it is through rapping lyrics of encouragement or just making a track that's enjoyable with no necessary direction other than how it feels. As a producer, my main goal is to make people either dance or think. As an artist, I use my voice to give songs an energetic boost and to make them sound lively. My artistry is purely fueled by my emotions so with respect to my sound and my versatility, I like to keep an open mind in terms of the possibilities. I also love to switch up the flow from typical English to Jamaican Patios because it gives the sound of the track that extra edginess that makes it stand out that much more, plus you know I gotta do it for my yardies!


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