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G Phatz's Music Has Intensively Grown Throughout 2019!

G Phatz is a rap artist who was born and raised in Texas, beginning his journey with music at a very young age. G Phatz grew up heavily influenced by a unique set of street life experiences. This perspective helped shape his focus, grit, and drive needed for the music industry. G Phatz released a variety of groundbreaking singles this year, that definitely contain the potential to skyrocket his growing fame into higher success. G Phatz keeps his music diverse from one another instead of one-dimensional---it’s a skill not many artists have the ability to accomplish, but for G Phatz, the challenge is easy! He has songs with a melodic beat and addicting style, which we found especially so in his recent track “Stay In My Lane”.

We took a listen to "Stay In My Lane", and our investment into the sound of G Phatz became undeniable. G Phatz maintains pure aggression and raw intensity through every lyric he delivered to us in "Stay In My Lane". However, this aggression and intensity only build itself higher in another one of G Phatz tracks: “Knuckle Up”. “Knuckle Up” encompassed the rage that G Phatz contained surrounding hip-hop culture in today’s society. G Phatz pours his emotion off into "Knuckle Up" and expresses his perspective in a methodical way. As an artist, G Phatz proves to be an explosive rapper, switching up his diction and delivery between both records “Stay In My Line” and “Knuckle Up”, but capturing our attention nonetheless. G Phatz is undeniably a hitmaking artist who is set to have a record-breaking 2020. We're anticipating his next sound!

Listen to G Phatz here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic G Phatz! Talk to us about your single “Knuckle Up”. What was the initial vision you had for this record?  

I wanted to capture the feeling that most people have when they have been lied to or done wrong in any form. This is really a fuck you anthem from the streets to anyone and everyone from anyone and everyone, that has not kept things.

What would you consider the most challenging aspect in creating “Knuckle Up”?

I didn’t find anything challenging about the track itself. I needed to keep the message simple and to the point. While also expressing my true feelings in a way that could be received in its purest, and most direct form.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to your single “Stay In My Lane”?

Really just vibin' to the fact that you don’t have to be what your not or project what you're not. That you can stay true to you, and still get to where you need to go. I think too many people today, want to imitate what works for other people. It might not necessarily work for them but they see it as a lane to achieve their goal. When writing this track I wanted to touch on being yourself without compromising for anything or anyone.

What was the biggest inspiration for the song “Stay In My Lane”?

As an artist I observe a lot, I guess you can say that an artist is a reflection of their environment. Now that we are more connected through social media our environment is the world. “Stay in my lane “ is me saying I do me, Regardless of what everyone else thinks I should or shouldn’t do.

From your artist’s perspective, what are some major elemental differences between both “Stay In My Lane” and “Knuckle Up”?

Like fire and water. 

“Stay in my lane” is a more laid back with a conscious message.

While “Knuckle Up“ is in your face and confrontational.

“Stay in my Lane“ is like chill, I will do me and you do you.

“Knuckle Up “ is like f*ck you.

What’s next for you G Phatz?

“Walking Threat” EP dropping soon.

I have another single off that called “every hood every block “ featuring Glasses Malone 

On this project features from Willie D  ( Geto Boys), Carolyn Rodrigues Coy ( Dopehouse), Elite 1, Micheal White, and Green of the Gotti Gang, “Neighborhood hustler” mixtape.

Once again teaming up with DJ FIRE going to have two singles on this the rest will be mixtape tracks “Neighborhood Hustler” featuring Point Blank, “My Life ” featuring New Game. 

Also working on some tracks for a project  DJ FIRE is dropping called ”Southern state of mind” 

Documentary an album, really excited about it.


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