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Gabriella Zauna Reveals Her Fourth Studio Single, "damn i love the rain"

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and 'sad kid' Gabriella Zauna announces the release of her fourth studio single, "damn i love the rain."

Due to the fact that Gabriella Zauna has synesthesia, she uses this perceptual phenomenon to bring her music to life through intimate stories that amplify her correspondence to the color blue.

As a result of this, Gabriella Zauna is on track to release her heartfelt and blue-feeling single, "damn i love the rain," on April 21st, 2021. When asked about the single, Zauna mentioned that she used the song to express her deepest thoughts on her journey to healing.

"This song takes you down this confusing, contradicting path of grievance, and finding the beauty in the rain when it feels like the pain overpowers the beauty," states Zauna.

Find Gabriella Zauna's forthcoming release, "damn i love the rain," on all digital streaming platforms and catch our interview with Gabriella live on BuzzMusic on May 28.

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