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Gaby Harvey Gives Us A Catchy Hit With "Stupid"

Gaby Harvey is a songstress hailing from the great country of Canada. Harvey is going to bring you on her journey to stardom through her falsettos, her raspy voice and her seductive tone. Her heartfelt lyrics are a representation of the challenges, hardships and experiences Harvey has faced in her life, and she feels that this is something most people will be able to relate to. Gaby Harvey has set out to create a new wave of music, with her sound and style setting new boundaries and redefining pop music as we know it. Harvey is preparing her sophomore project and has started its rollout with the release of its first three singles.

BuzzMusic is happy to release one such single from Gaby Harvey’s sophomore project, “Stupid”. True to her own description, there is something for everyone in this song. The prevailing lyric, “What are you stupid?”, is definitely a question everyone has asked at some point in time, whether to someone’s face or as a simple internal and rhetorical question. The song begins with solemn and soulful hits at the piano, with the occasional strum of an acoustic guitar. The beat and vocals enter and kick things up a notch. Harvey’s vocals have a good deal of variety, beginning with a lower huskier quality, but quickly changing to a higher and more sweet sound. She seems comfortable using these two techniques interchangeably and it gives the song a nice amount of variety. We eagerly await the release of Gaby Harvey’s new project!

Be sure to check out Harvey's "Stupid" and keep scrolling for the artists personalized interview!

Hey Gaby! Thanks so much for catching up with us. Would you mind starting us off by describing your background and how you got involved with music?

Well first off, I was raised by my mother and my grandparents. I grew up in a moroccan/jewish household though we weren’t what some would call “traditional” , which definitely made pursuing music as a career a little easier in terms of my mom accepting it. Music and writing have been a part of my life since I learned how to pick up a pen. I was a lyricist at heart before anything else. Truth is I didn’t think my voice was good enough to pursue singing so I hid behind my lyrics for years on end until I met @dondadaproducer. He took me under his wing, taught me everything I know today and that’s when I decided to dive head first into pursing my dreams as a singer.

Where in Canada did you grow up, and what was the music scene like there?

I grew up In Montreal. Growing up here was a blessing because of how cultured we are. This city played a massive role in terms of helping me develop an open mind. The artists in this city are great too, but the opportunities aren’t as available and I personally think the scene is still in its infancy.

You talk about your music reflecting your own experiences in life. Is there a story behind your new single “Stupid”?

My new single “stupid” speaks a thousand stories all in one, however at its core it’s really about women Empowerment. It’s not just telling my story but the stories of too many women that have gone through unimaginable things, in hopes of giving them the strength they need to speak up and to never belittle themselves. Life gets tough and it can get really really ugly sometimes , it gets even tougher when you want to speak up but you feel as though no one would care to listen. I wrote this song for women to sing along to with their chins held high and to never be afraid to speak out about what they’ve been through.

Who would you say your biggest artistic influences are?

My biggest influence right now is: Billie Eilish. Enough said. LOL. But aside from that I grew up listening to literally everything. From Amy Winehouse, to Frank Sinatra. Big L to Kendrick Lamar. Juice Wrld and xxx. IAMDDB is a big one for me too I think she’s really dope! Anderson paak and frank ocean. I had tyler the creator and earl sweatshirt on REPLAY almost everyday at one point. I go through a lot of phases hahah. The list is endless.

What can we hope to see from you in the future, Gaby?

For the future, I’ve got my sophomore project in the works titled “Damage Control” so definitely look out for that as well as 2 new singles accompanied by music videos on the way. Aside from that Ive got a couple bookings in Toronto and with hard work ill have my first major headline show very very soon!


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