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Galeano Showcases Individuality With Her Invigorating & Imaginative Single, “Cotton Candy Kush”

Galeano released their latest single titled “Cotton Candy Kush”. “Cotton Candy Kush” instantly began capturing our attention with the beat introduction. The natural sounds of nature before the cool pop fused production transitioned in was brilliant and atypical from what we’re used to. Despite the beat showing signs of pop, the vibes of “Cotton Candy Kush” was still neo-soul and had a cool, relaxing aura that was able to reel us in. The vocal delivery was idiosyncratic, completely unique but compelling. Galeano shows great individuality through this song, thus making us enjoy her artistry more. The lyrics in “Cotton Candy Kush” was descriptive and imaginative. It gave us a super detailed outlook on the single.

“Cotton Candy Kush” was most definitely a satisfying release that catered to our tastes while giving us a glimpse of something refreshing and new. The layered elements to “Cotton Candy Kush” are limitless and unpredictable, surprising us every second of the song. Galeano invites her listener into the atmosphere of “Cotton Candy Kush”, creating a unique experience that you will exceptionally enjoy.

Listen to “Cotton Candy Kush” by Galeano here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Galeano! Who would you consider a major influence for you growing up and why?

Thanks for having me!!! Growing up, my family loved playing all types of music from latin music to British rock. I had an array of artists to fall in love with and want to be them. But it wasn’t until I was about 9 or 10 that I came down to Miami from NY to stay with my uncle for vacation. He was in a band called Avalon. I went to almost every rehearsal and it was absolutely amazing. I was inspired to the 10th power! I would sit on the side and pretend I’m jamming out with them on a disconnected keyboard. It was as if the experience was fine-tuning my ear and mind for music. After him, I’d say Erykha Badu, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

Your song “Cotton Candy Kush” resonated well with us here at BuzzMusic! What was the inspiration behind the lyrics? What motivated this song?

I love that you guys love the track! It's a great feel right? My producer for this EP, Fred and I, were starting a new studio session to continue work on my upcoming EP, Friendly Skies, and I had just copped a quarter of some beautiful smelling kush, which I brought with me to the session. Fred had bought lights for the studio and had it on a hot pink/purplish light. and everything just seemed right to make a nice chill song to smoke to. I love songs to smoke to! The ones that make you drive with the windows down and the volume up? Yea like that. We said let's make a bud song! And we started on the beat making sure it was chill but interesting and mind captivating. Then followed the lyrics. I honestly just described a day in the life. A transaction between my Budman and me and then a wake and bake session. It's so relatable to anyone that is 420 friendly. And what's beautiful about it is that even if you're not a bud smoker, your mind and hips will certainly appreciate the beat Fred and I created.

How would you detail the production in “Cotton Candy Kush”?

The name of the game was to create something different. The switch-up in the middle of the song to the airy falsettos used and the reverb placed on those vocals, it was different than what's popular and in-demand now…which was perfect.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Cotton Candy Kush” and why Galeano?

I don’t really feel there was a challenge in creating this. It was such a great creative vibe between Fred and me that it just came as easy as breathing. What can we expect from you this year? SO MUCH! Wow! Well, I have a new single coming out in a couple of weeks called Temptations. Which is a BANGER! I have Keenan the Experience who plays the sax like he was born with it, on the track. And an amazing vocal arrangement. The single will come with a video as well. Which I’ll be shooting in mid-February. Soon after I’ll be dropping my EP Friendly Skies. I also have a mixtape dropping in the summer named KUSH which I'm in the process of recording at the moment. It’ll have amazing indie artists featured on the project as well. Hopefully a tour at the end of the year! Who knows…There are no limits! :)


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