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Galexi Jones Maker Her Mark With Piercing and Eye-Opening Alternative Music

Alternative artist Galexi Jones has sent shockwaves through listeners with the release of her powerful new music.

Raised on Reggae, Soul, and Hip Hop, Galexi Jones has been around inspirational music her whole life, and has recently been able to release long-lasting impactful lyrics of her own.

Ever since she was young, the expressive beats and fearless musicians made their mark on her and helped mold her into the artist she is today. After getting her degree in audio engineering, she was able to turn her attention to music give her alternative sound its place.

In addition to her love of music propelling her forward in her career, Galexi Jones is able to look at life and see the bigger picture, fighting for what’s right. Through music, wide audiences can be reached and messages of love can be spread.

She reminds us of releases like “Crazy” that even the smallest person can make a change and take a step towards a better world. Galexi Jones is gearing up to release her debut EP “POLARIS” this coming February, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Check out our recent interview with Galexi Jones here



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