Galo Shadez Encourages Us to Let Loose and Live, "Stress Free"

From North Hollywood, California, songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Galo Shadez livens our spirits with his latest uplifting release entitled "Stress Free."

After writing and recording verses in a friend's home studio closet, Galo Shadez felt compelled to continue honing in his creative abilities and bringing his solo career to life. Living by his mantra/brand CYOV (Create Your Own Vibe), Shadez encourages his audience to embrace diversity and explore all artistic expressions and sounds they desire.

Now releasing his easy-going and laidback single, "Stress Free," listeners can catch Galo Shadez in a relaxed state of mind as he goes about his day without a care in the world. Not to mention his magnetic and influential performance, Galo Shadez leaves any listeners feeling ready to start their day with a bang.

Listening to "Stress Free," we're met with a punchy and nostalgic hip-hop atmosphere that sonically serenades us with a smooth bass line, tight drum breaks, and Galo Shadez's dominant vocal performance. As his charismatic delivery and melodic tones deliver with the utmost passion and positivity, Galo Shadez continues to groove to the song's uplifting sonics that leaves us feeling refreshed and revived.

We love how Galo Shadez is able to transition from his melodic hooks and into his hard-hitting rap on the verse, as it not only showcases his artistic versatility but it leaves listeners feeling invigorated with help from the song's dynamic range. As the track comes to a close, Galo Shadez grooves his way to the outro while lifting his audience into an optimistic and "Stress Free" state of mind.

Leave your worries behind with help from Galo Shadez's new single, "Stress Free," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Galo Shadez. What an exciting and uplifting listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Stress Free." Why did you want to create a song that encourages listeners to live in a more positive and stress-free state?

Well, first of all, when I first heard the beat, it just gave me mad summer vibes. So I knew I wanted to write about having fun and enjoying the California summer sunshine.

But also, we're just living in crazy times right now. And I think throughout the pandemic, mental health has become a more significant issue, and more people have become aware of the type of toll it's taken on society. But just me in general, I'm all about positivity and not getting too stuck up on the things you can't control, which is a lot. Just focus your focuses on moving forward and focus on the things you can handle. The rest don't trip about it, you know, don't stress.

Did you produce the punchy sonics for "Stress Free?" Why did you want to offer this nostalgic r&b/hip-hop feel through the sonics?

No, I did not produce stress-free. I wish I did, though. It was summertime. This was a summertime record, and you know, it just gave me that type of vibe, so I wanted to keep it cool and have something that sounded good when you're poolside having a drink and hanging out with friends.

What was your songwriting process like for "Stress Free" when finding the right words to leave listeners feeling inspired and motivated to live a more positive and stress-free lifestyle?

Well, a lot of those lyrics came from actual real-life events. Like stuff that I do and how I am when I'm out with friends, some of that came from that, and the rest was just what I would like to be doing or what I would like to be seeing. Also, in this time and age, people get so caught up in so many things on social media, whether politics, specific groups or people's beliefs, mom or just people's opinions on things that happen in our world and our society. I think more people need to mind their own business and not get so caught up in all the BS, and just you don't need all that you could be a lot more stress-free if he didn't focus on all the bull.

Should we expect you to continue releasing uplifting and sonically nostalgic tunes like "Stress Free" in the future? Are lively and motivational songs like this a go-to for you?

Expect me to release more uplifting and nostalgic tracks. That is just my character. That's just my personality. I like to make feel-good music. I wouldn't say that it's my go-to because the music paints the picture for me. I'm not going to necessarily write a happy, fun track over a beat that kind of sounds more deep or like a beat that's a little bit more on the sad side. The music is what paints the picture for the lyrics I'm going to write.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

What I would like listeners to know about my music is that my music is true to me and that it doesn't all sound the same. My brand is my mantra, CYOV - create your vibe is all about that. It is not conforming, not feeling like you have to be in a box. You could be whatever you want. You can create your lane, and that's precisely what I do in my music. I make my own lane, and there's no traffic in my lane.