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Gangalee Has Kept Her Foot On The Gas This Year

Being born in the birthplace of Hip-hop; The Bronx, in New York, Gangalee grew up learning firsthand the lessons in the realm of rapping and battling.

This experience also gave her the opportunity to be introduced to the scene and also rhyme on mixtapes for DJ Doo Wop. Most recently Gangalee has been making massive waves in the Tampa, Florida music scene.

Establishing her own indie record label, DOE Records as well as hosting the weekly podcast, “She Can Talk” are just a few of the things Gangalee does when not creating new and original music.

Gangalee has developed a mastery of genre-blending, this skill is showcased in her powerful single, “Follow Me Now,” off of her album, “La Esmerelda.”

This track will instantly entice you with the ambiance of the up-tempo rhythm surging through the speakers. The instrumentation of this single is a perfect blend of Hip-hop meets Funk meets Reggae with a modern edge.

Gangalee’s drive, desire, and fire make her a rising artist to watch for.

You can learn more about Gangalee here.


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