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Gangalee Proves Why She’s “The Coldest Ever”

Born in the Bronx, NY, to Jamaican parents, Gangalee honed her rapping skills by rapping on mixtapes for DooWop, Craig G, and DJ Bee to name a few. She developed her craft and later joined a female rap group which inspired her to move to a solo career once the group dissolved. Starting her own indie label, DOE Records, it was in 2016 when she secured distribution for her label imprint through Symphonic in Tampa, FL.

Spending most of her time being creative with her partner, Collosal Beats; she recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with her bachelor's degree in Business Science. She plans to apply her degree and skills to making DOE Records and the team a household name.

Taking our attention to the most recent single to come from Gangalee, "The Coldest Ever," has us fully embracing the poetic essence that comes from highly enticing lyricism. Breaking the mold of today's hip-hop, Gangalee presents an old-school flair on her innovative verses that leave us with our jaws hitting the floor.

There's much to dissect lyrically, and we're here for the boisterous confidence that Gangalee propels as we take it all in. Tuning to how the instrumentation works with the slick cadences performed, we adore the unity that comes from how these two worlds collide. The bold presence that remains in the tonal distinction of Gangalee has us eager to explore her music catalog and get lost in the many stylings she brings to the table.

What we admire the most about "The Coldest Ever" has to be the truth that outlines this piece as Gangalee shares bits of herself that prove her deviation and hustle. 'In the booth way past midnight tryna get my vocals right' is a mere representation that we get to witness as Gangalee sinks into the mic and we sink into the speakers.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gangalee, and congratulations on the release of "The Coldest Ever." With bars that hit pretty heavy, what do you want this song to say about you as an artist and individual?

I want people who hear the song to understand that my song is a testimony of sorts. Like many I have been through some thought-provoking changes over the last couple of years and coming out on the other side is a blessing. I learned during this time growth never stops and growing can come with 'pains' and I had to share my experience with others. Individually I know I am not the only one that has gone through disappointment, rejection and self-destructing behavior so coming from a place of newfound strength I wanted to let others know they too can do the same.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of bringing this song to life?

There are a lot of layers to the creative process. First, I must shout out Collosal (Beats) TV on the production. This beat is so fire to me! He was not even finished crafting the track and I was like " I need that please!!" The Title "The Coldest Ever" is a play on the book "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sister Souljah. If anyone is familiar with the novel, they know the main character's birthday is Jan 28th. That is also my birthday. So initially, I drew inspiration from that, then I said it makes sense to be the coldest, everyone wants to be the hottest, well I want to be the coldest. I was born in the coldest part of winter, so it is only right that I am the coldest ever. Also, it officially dropped on all platforms on my Birthday so that was exciting as well.

What is your favorite lyric that you perform in this song? What is the significance behind it?

There are several lines that are my favorites, but I will say the very first line "I'm still proving myself while improving myself at peace with the pain I endured and at ease with the scene a little more..." The significance behind the line is just me being honest. It is easy to call out others' flaws but rarely is it easy for us to recognize our own. I am at a point in life where I am excited to work on myself, and I am falling in love with myself more daily.

How does "The Coldest Ever" speak into your progression as an artist?

For starters, it is a very relaxed and clean delivery. I am usually loud and hype on tracks. They say the more knowledge you gain the simpler you speak. The stronger you become the slower you are to react. That is happening with me in aspects of my life especially lyrically, I chose a simple approach to deliver a powerful message.

What's next for you?

Lord willing, we up all 2022. The last two years taught me to plan but remain flexible. I am being creative, and I am excited to share it in time with the world. In the meantime, please run up the numbers on #TheColdest Ever. I also host a podcast called "She Can Talk" on all streaming platforms where podcasts are available. I talk about life, food, movies and of course music. Also other than The podcast "She Can Talk" is a terrific way to keep up with what is going on next for me.


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