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Garage Toned Rock With The Lowsiders

We tend to dive into the new indie rock with a positive attitude and a sparkle in our eyes but sometimes those can be hard to maintain once the music starts. With The Lowsiders "Can't Stop The World From Spinning" LP, we find the reason we dive in with that positive attitude. The album is a bountiful combination of garage indie rock, soul-rock, and damn cool style. With 10 feverishly addicting songs to roll through, there are a few that really stand out. The first being their single "Revolutions". Gritty and dark with a well-contrived fuzz-rock feel twanging from the speakers gets you quickly feeling like restarting this song the minute it ends just to catch upon lyrics while enjoying the world you enter once it starts. Some of these songs, like "Revolutions", feel like your watching a film that you just know is going to end with a great twist. Ravaging guitars and somehow mellow aggression in pop, this record has what you have been waiting for. Very worth a spin! Check out the Spotify HERE.

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