Gary Kazazian Spills His Heart and Shares New Song “Your Beautiful Heart”

Coming at us from Los Angeles, CA (specifically Glendale) we have the eager and hungry Gary Kazazian and he needs your beautiful heart! This raw folk song is brought to us by a true artist who only needs the bare bones of folk music to get his point across (as well as your beautiful heart). From Glendale, Gary pours his soul into “Your Beautiful Heart” and you can hear his soul from the start of the song. There isn’t much of a mystery in his lyrics, you can tell right from the beginning what’s happening and it isn’t hard to follow along, while simultaneously feeling sympathetic toward him. This song pulls on our emotional heartstrings and by the 3:16 mark of the song, you may or may not have a tissue wiping away tears! (At least we did). The song calls his love interest to put down the bottle and to find themselves again, which is a truly inspirational message. Showing how much he cares for this person and their well being, Gary Kazazian is a folk singer who wants to see the best in the people around him. 

Gary has the help of his hard-working manager and his folk influences of Townes Van Zandt and Jason Molina to bring us his heart filled music. While engineering isn’t his forte, song writhing and letting it all out on paper apparently is. He enjoys to fish and has written several songs about catching the big one.

Listen to Gary Kazazian here!

Thanks for being with us today at Buzz Music, Gary! At what age did you start writing music?

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn't really pick up an instrument until I was 20, so around then is when I started writing. Hard rock was my first love, then I transitioned to folk.

When did you know it was time to take it to the next level and hire management?

When I looked at my brother and he seemed smart with his glasses. On a serious note, he had some good ideas.

You enjoy fishing, being from Los Angeles do you ever find yourself at the Santa Monica Pier at night? If not, where do you find yourself fishing? 

I'm not much of a pier fisherman. Usually, I like to find a good rocky structure somewhere in Malibu away from the crowds. El Pescador beach is one of my favorites.

Has the Pacific Ocean and living in Los Angeles played any influence on your music?

The Pacific Ocean has, in the sense that being out at the beach is a reset for me. That reset allows creative ideas to flow without obstruction. As for Los Angeles itself, I'm sure it has, but I try not to be too affected by the city.

Any plans to tour and release new music? What's next for you as we enter 2020?

There are a bunch of new songs on the way with a bit of a more technical acoustic style than my previous material. There will be some shows to coincide with those releases.