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Gavyn Bailey Brings Divergence in Track "Grass Is Never Greener"

Quirky singer/songwriter Gavyn Bailey brings thoughtful soul to the Indie/Pop music community. As an artist who taught himself a vast majority of instruments, and cultivated a sincere passion for creating music with lyrical substance, Gavyn Bailey has truly paved a clear path for his artistic success. Focusing his efforts on what he loves to do best, Gavyn Bailey tailors the lyrics of his songs to extract principal components of his own experience and life, creating more of that real essence for his listeners.

Deep and atmospheric synths unravel "Grass Is Never Greener" to listeners. Soon enough, Gavyn Bailey incorporates his light-hearted and smooth vocalism into the track and instantly makes us feel at peace. The environment presented in "Grass Is Never Greener" ironically is quite serene considering the lyrical content of this track. When you dig deeper into the significance behind Gavyn Bailey's lyricism, you find the song follows suit with what you'd initially understand it to be based on its title. You're in for a personal journey with Gavyn in "Grass Is Never Greener", as he introspectively delves into his intimate thoughts and feelings. We get a melancholic storyline with this release from Gavyn Bailey, but with an aspiring production that holds a warm resurgence. It's needless to say that Gavyn Bailey really understands his harmonies well with "Grass Is Never Greener" and brings about a mellow tune for listeners to mindlessly listen along to. What will Gavyn Bailey bring next? We're incredibly eager to find out.

You can discover Gavyn Bailey's "Grass Is Never Greener" here.

Welcome, Gavyn Bailey! Congratulations on the release of "Grass Is Never Greener", as well as the other accomplishments your music has seen in the past few years. In retrospect, how do you feel you've grown artistically since you first debuted your music in 2013?

Thank you so much! Oh gosh… looking back now I think that I've grown immensely as an artist since 2013. I took a lot of time for myself since then to focus on my songwriting and really perfecting my own personal sound. It really matters to me that I showcase a more mature sound for my upcoming record, which is why I haven’t put any of my own music out for 4 years. I’ve been honing in on my craft and growing as a person and artist, and I’ve found a home for my sound that I’m really excited about. I think this new music showcases my growth as an artist since my debut EP. I've grown up a lot as a person as well, and have gained a lot of life experience in between. I think you’ll see that it really comes through in these new songs. 

“Grass Is Never Greener" has a nice contrast between production and lyrical meaning. Delving more into the emotional significance the song holds, what lyric holds the most magnitude for you personally in the song?

The lyrics of this song talk about a journey of acceptance. Accepting that life is not always going to be perfect and that nothing ever truly goes as planned, and that living life with the mentality that things could always be better is a very dangerous place to be. Personally, the lyric I relate with the most is the pre-chorus, “I’m coming into myself lately / Learning what I am and what I can’t be / Maybe it’ll educate me / Not to chase after shadows.” It really shows where I was in that moment when I was writing the song. I was learning a lot about myself during that time (and still am), like what I could and couldn’t handle between life, relationships and everything else in between. I learned not to go after things that aren’t good for me and to love wherever you’re at in life, even if it’s not exactly where you wanted to be.  

Thanks for chatting with us, Gavyn! Knowing your vigor and motivation, we know we can expect more music to come! Any hints as to when you'll be releasing new material or even possible future collaborations? 

Thank you so much for having me. I have been working on an album for the last two years and I think we are about ready to share it with the world. I don’t have a release date set in stone yet, but it's coming very soon!


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