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Gaze Deeply Into "Those American Eyes"

Flyght Club is Shauvik Sharan's beloved contemporary music project. Prioritizing extreme versatility, Flyght Club's music ranges in the depths of all popular music types and explores a whole new genre with its intrinsic elements.

With every song made to cater to different listeners' moods and emotions, each musical creation is written, produced, performed, and mixed by Shauvik Sharan solely to ensure that it's conveyed the exact way he intends it to.

Brought to life with a full band etching each melodic component into the soundwaves, "Those American Eyes" is the most recent single brought forth by Flyght Club. Implementing acoustic guitar strums that welcome you into the intricate creative realm of Flyght Club, you're fully immersed in the harmonious bliss that breaks barriers of experimental resonance.

As "Those American Eyes" progresses, the warm embrace extended to each listener is accompanied by tight-knit drum patterns that mold the fortified structure of elusive vocals dripped in a cascade of mesmerizing harmonies. Although listeners far and wide get lost in the opulent echoes that reign supreme from this lush ballad, the songwriting is not what we perceive it upon first listen.

Through the prevailing lyrical motif radiating, "cause I'm sold for those American eyes. Let me hold on to those American thighs that've got me addicted to your love," Shauvik Sharan signifies how even with all the hardships and obstacles that occur in a relationship, he will continue to fight through the barricades of the music scene in the United States.

With Shauvik Sharan dodging the topic of love, you can hear him addressing the struggles of residing in the United States as an immigrant. Drenching us in immersive hues that trickle on the lyrical horizon, "Those American Eyes" has us submerged in firsthand experience from an emerging talent.

We adore the deep tones that emanate from “Those American Eyes.” Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this single to life?

Thank you so much for having me, I’m really glad you guys vibe with the song. ‘Those American Eyes’ is very special to me and is one of my favorite songs that I’ve written till date. The song started out with me noodling on my friend’s rusty acoustic guitar and my fingers just magically landing on the perfect notes that led to the signature riff being born which then proved to be the base of the whole song. The moment I played the riff, I knew I was onto something and a great song could be made around it. In terms of the creative process, the main aspect I wanted to bring forth was to make this a listener journey more than just a psychedelic/ experimental rock song. I structure the song in a way where the listeners start off at a simple and mellow acoustic vibe, then travel to a psychedelic rock style with all the instruments dropping in, then into a heavy rock soundscape with distorted guitars driving the section and then into a trippy progressive abode of electronic elements fused with sitars, synths, and vocoder layers until it drops right back into a heavy riff rock feel for the grand finale and ends the journey with listeners wanting to go on the ride a second time. In order to successfully execute this song as a journey, I had to make sure all the musical elements and layers came in at the right times and corresponded to each other perfectly as well as ensure the transitions between the sections were smooth and didn’t shock the listeners out of the trance and flow of the song. Although most of the instruments were played and recorded by me (Flyght Club being my solo one-man-band type project), the song wouldn’t have been the same without help from my friends Sandeep on the sitar and Hriday on the drums.

What is the main theme and message that you’re hoping your listeners take away from listening to this single?

The main message that I want listeners to take away from the song is to cherish the struggle whilst chasing your dreams. When you dream big, hardships are bound to intensify, obstacles increase in number, and difficulties and failures are inevitable. However, staying persistent, looking past the difficulties, learning from your failures, and coming back strong is essential in succeeding. The theme that the song presents is how this lifestyle of constantly struggling, grinding, and chasing your dream becomes an obsession with the addictive excitement and thrill that it brings. Flyght Club as a concept stands for exactly this. Anybody that dares to dream big and gives everything they’ve got in order to achieve it is a part of the Flyght Club as well as everybody that supports the struggles and wants to see dreamers succeed. The goal is to create an ever-motivating community that helps bring each other up and succeed. As for this song, in particular, I chose to highlight the struggles of an immigrant music artist striving to achieve the great American dream. The song uses subtle yet effective personification by portraying America as a woman while I sing to her about her enticing charms that keep me hooked.

Growing up on classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and Pink Floyd, do you find that these artists still influence the sounds that you offer your audience today?

Definitely, a 100%. All of the classic rock artists that I grew up listening to paved the way for my music creation to really reach the level it has. I remember, as a kid, I used to constantly listen to these artists day and night, trying to learn their songs on the guitar. I was in complete awe of the uniqueness in their sounds and the versatility in their music catalog. They had songs that would range over multiple music styles which had me hooked instantly. The concept of diversifying and experimenting with musical genres that I discovered through the music of the 70s rock era has played the most important role in the music I make today. Versatility is the number one factor that I prioritize in my creating process, building songs for numerous moods and listeners. As I discovered more and more music growing up, I was exposed to electronic music, pop music, I got into music production and found a bunch of creative tools and software to mess around with while consistently increasing my knowledge and skills. And so today, I try to make modern music while still fusing elements of the classic rock music that’s permanently embedded both in my mind and soul. I can’t credit the 70’s rock artists enough for setting an incredibly strong foundation of music theory and performance in me and most importantly for showing me the level to which music versatility and experimentation can be taken. Today my main goal is to make music for any and every audience possible. I want to ensure that no matter what style of music you are into or what mood you’re in today, you’ll definitely find at least one song in my catalog that you’ll be able to connect with.

With each song varying in styles and techniques, what happens to be your favorite part of the creative process?

My favorite part of the process is the thrill of not knowing what I’m gonna end up creating. A very powerful database in creating music is your very own subconscious. What needs to be mastered is the ability to freely access your subconscious and draw out and load experiences from there that you can use to create songs. This is what I take pride in and am very effectively able to execute. Sad memories give birth to slow, dark and tense songs while happy experiences tend to lead to upbeat poppy ones. This is what makes the art of songwriting and production so beautiful and fun. Reliving experiences and converting into melodies and lyrics, starting with just an idea and finishing with a complete song just makes the whole process well worth it. So yeah, my favorite part of the process is just the excitement of sitting down with my guitar, computer, and interface, finding a past experience or situation that I’d wanna make a song out of, and get going. This intimate creation process is what I believe resonates well and deep with the listeners and helps them connect to my music and to me.



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