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Gbeke Made Herself Her “Top Priority”

Bringing the sounds of her roots from Nigeria, Gbeke presents a new proposal in the R&B scene, a song charged with self-love to remind you, you are your “Top Priority.”

Gbeke is an artist convinced that music is capable of saying what simple words can’t. With that in mind, she has imbued her work with poetry and the channeled energy of the intense emotions she has experienced in moments of joy and difficulties. Gbeke uses art to turn chaos into beautiful music.

“Top Priority” is an amazing convergence between R&B and afrobeat sounds; the result is a moving and chilling rhythm that envelops your ears and mind to listen to what Gbeke has to say. The track is so sweet and smooth that when she says, ‘I know it hurts, but it helped you see your worth,’ you close your eyes and relate to the incoming lyrics with your heart opened.

The intro of “Top Priority” is an ethereal keys melody that gets you in the relaxing mood of the song, then Gbeke’s voice gets in with the drum’s unparalleled flow of afrobeat. From now on, each word she sings can bring the most hurting memories and bury them under the power of self-esteem in her lyrics and her voice.

Gbeke’s voice is seducing and strong, and paired with the incredible track of “Top Priority,” is capable of captivating your senses. When it ends, her emotional message has reached your heart, and the fresh taste of such a great song takes you to press the repeat button. Not only are you a masterpiece, Gbeke, but your song is too.

Whether you just want to chill a bit, or you need to remind yourself that you are the most worthy being in the world, you must listen to “Top priority” now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Gbeke, and congratulations on your latest release, "Top Priority." How did making “Top Priority” help you overcome your pain?

By writing “Top Priority,” I could process the pain of betrayal by finding my voice and truly expressing the hurt, anger, and heartbreak I was feeling. I pushed through those negative feelings to find myself and discover my worth. Along the way, I felt loneliness which was super uncomfortable, but it resulted in me loving myself and putting myself first. This song really helped me grow in both my self-perception and acceptance. I finally realized that I was enough.

How do your experiences help you grow as an artist?

My experiences have made me a well-rounded artist because I am able to share my stories to encourage myself and others. My motto is “Encourage Everyone Everywhere,” and I do this by taking the worst of what I’ve been through to paint the best possible picture. Telling my stories gives me the opportunity to share a piece of myself in a beautiful, rhythmic style. Through writing music, I have been able to overcome trauma, including depression, anxiety, sexual assault, and suicide. I have grown stronger, wiser, and more comfortable with telling my story.

Who are the people that have supported you the most in the making process of “Top Priority”?

The people who supported me the most during the process of making “Top Priority” were my little sister, Kore; my brother, Bibi; and my close friends, Taty and Rebecca. I always sing newly written songs for my little sister, not just to get her approval but also to have another set of ears. I had only written the melody for the song when I first sang it, and she encouraged me to keep writing as it was a hit. Once I finished writing it, I invited Kore and Taty to tag along with me to the studio so I could record it. They hyped me up during the whole session when quite honestly, I wasn’t sure how it was going to sound. However, after I got it mixed, I sent it to my brother in Nigeria, and he told me that this was ‘the one.’ Rebecca encouraged me by emphasizing the theme of the song and continually reminding me that I come first, no matter what I’ve been through. I also gained support from my larger network of friends and family (my Gems – Gbekes Enthusiastic Music Supporters), who pushed me to shoot the video. The rest is history!

How would you like to impact the people who listen to “Top priority?”

I want to impact the world with “Top Priority” by sending the message to always put yourself first. Sometimes, being selfish isn’t a bad thing. Specifically for people-pleasers like myself, it is necessary to be selfish at times. It’s easy to forget to make yourself a priority, whether you have kids, dependents, a job, a degree you’re striving for, or even a partner. I always keep this saying in the back of my mind, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” So, take that day off. Snooze that alarm for an extra 10 minutes. Break up with that toxic partner. Set yourself free from the bounds and confines of others and the expectations that come with them because life is too short. And you’re worth loving yourself first.

What's next for you?

I have so many things lined up over the next several months. “Top Priority” is one of the singles I am releasing off of my upcoming EP, Love Gbeke, which will debut on February 10, 2023. The 6-track EP is about my personal journey and struggle with self-love. I am excited about the singles that I will be dropping ahead of its release, including “FMSL,” “Over It,” and “On the Line.” I am also working on more visuals and collaborations as well, so stay tuned, Gems!

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